One Nation defies polls, celebrates return to form

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was celebrating a return to form as the party defied polls pointing to declining support and emerged from the election with a chance of increased Senate representation.

While One Nation had not secured any lower house seats at last count, the party commanded impressive support of between 13 and 22 percent in Queensland electorates such as Dawson, Capricornia, Flynn, Blair, Maranoa, Hinkler, Wright, Longman, Groom and the seats of Hunter and Paterson in New South Wales.

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With the count in the House of Representatives still continuing Monday, One Nation had notched 3% of the national vote. This represents a more than doubling of One Nation’s vote in the 2016 Federal Election (1.29%) which saw the party burst back onto the political scene.

Although commentators highlight that Clive Palmer’s United Australia Party achieved a similar figure by standing 151 candidates across the country, this comparison doesn’t account for the fact that One Nation stood candidates in only 59 of the 151 House of Representatives divisions.

As of late Monday with 75% of the vote counted, One Nation had achieved an average 7.8% of the vote in areas it stood candidates.

Counting for the Senate is expected to continue for a number of weeks. The party’s best chance at increased representation is Malcolm Roberts for Queensland Senate who sits on 9.8% of the vote with just over 40% of Senate ballot papers counted. This places the party in a very strong position but fighting a scattered field of preference flows to achieve the 14.3% needed to secure Mr. Roberts’ return to Parliament.

ELECTION UPDATEThe focus of the vote counting is still in the Lower House to confirm whether the LNP will form a…

Posted by Malcolm Roberts – Pauline Hanson's One Nation on Sunday, May 19, 2019

New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Western Australia Senate races continue with One Nation in smaller primary positions and having to rely on very large preference flows in the coming weeks’ counting to secure more seats.

The hope of increased One Nation Senate representation comes even in spite of a much harder, non-double dissolution election.

This year’s half-Senate election (where the quota for a Senate position has increased from 7.7%(2016) to 14.3%(2019)) has wiped out minor parties such as Fraser Anning’s Conservative Nationals, United Australia Party and Derryn Hinch’s Justice Party. Cory Bernardi’s Australian Conservative’s have been unable to secure additional Senate positions.

Only time will tell the exact results in the Senate and while the party won’t be, “doing a Bill Shorten,” and counting its chickens before they hatch, it thanks all of its supporters, candidates and tireless volunteers that have helped increase the vote across the country in a resounding success.

The result shows Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is here to stay as a driving force in Australia politics and getting the country back on track.


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19 replies

    I am one of these multi billionaire age (80) pensioners.i get between $0 00 & $30.00 per fortnight.
    Dear Pauline Don Woodford is going well (97) says hi..

  2. Robert Hirst
    Robert Hirst says:

    Nice one Pauline, Malcolm,

    Chin up and catch a monkey slowly – If it wasn’t for the Nat’s putting you last you would have creamed it in — Anyway as it turned out we kept and put that sociopath Shortman back in his box and it would be interesting to see how his head rises up again with his lunatic communism socialistic nonsense which made a laughing stock of them all and the stupid fairy’s in the garden Greens
    Cheers to all
    Bob 🙂

  3. Lloyd Budd.
    Lloyd Budd. says:

    Congratulations to the real Australian people and ONE NATION ,bringing back my country from the brink of destruction ,for my family.

  4. Bruce Robjohns
    Bruce Robjohns says:

    Well done Pauline and all at One Nation. Here in Dawson 12.9% that is excellent. Pity we couldn’t harness the 5,413 wasted (informal) votes.

    Working with a Morrison mandated government has got to be a lot easier and with better outcomes than it would have been with Bill Shorten and his lot.

    Keep up the good work.

  5. Steve Thompson
    Steve Thompson says:

    Voted one nation still can’t believe that people are scared to take the real steps to protecting our country. Keep your head up and give it to them. Cheers

  6. Ken Beer
    Ken Beer says:

    Well done One Nation, make you speak out even more now for those issue the ratbags cried down , like retaining ownership of farms and businesses in Australia, more dams and HELI Power stations. Please, please

  7. Gloria Lyons
    Gloria Lyons says:

    I echo Bruce Robjohns’ remarks. How were the figures in Petrie? Congratulations to One Nation! and keep them accountable, Pauline! Scott Morrison might have an opportunity to get some ‘real work’ done to build Australia up to where we should be. I trust your opportunity to work with him will bear ‘good fruit’ and maybe even more ‘miracles’

  8. Coral Thomas
    Coral Thomas says:

    Great result for the Hunter One Nation rep Stuart Bonds. This was a so called safe Labour seat but Stuart, although did not get a seat, has made Labour know that One Nation is not a joke. Hoping for a stronger result next election. My husband and I went and seen Pauline when she was in Newcastle in the 90s, walked past the protesters, and have been following ever since. Thank you Pauline and all One Nation representatives.

  9. chris wilkins
    chris wilkins says:

    She is 20 years too late..every year we have more imports that will vote Labor or Lib ,how can she keep up

  10. Kevin Bowring
    Kevin Bowring says:

    Congratulations Pauline, Malcolm, in fact all the One Nation Team – Mark Latham is having a big impact – Barnaby Joyce has copied many of your policies – Alan Jones copied Malcolm Robert’s analogy on human manufactured Co2 using Rice – The Coalition would still be dysfunctional if you hadn’t exposed the Rats in their Ranks – and the Socialist’s dirty tricks department using the ABC/Al Jazeera and four years of infiltration by that Traitor, Muller, may have cost you votes, and swayed the nervous voter, but the rest of us saw through that nonsense – Now let’s see if Morrison makes good use of his mandate….or like Malcolm Fraser, just sits on his hands.

  11. Sheryl
    Sheryl says:

    I’m glad you have David stone represent ‘grey’ in SA. I voted for him and back ON all the way. Lee up the hard work

  12. Colin harris
    Colin harris says:

    Dear Pauline, hopefully you can keep improving you numbers at the poll. I think the election we just had made people realise that labor is a spent force and that the coalition has been put on notice. We need to be heard, we need a common sense approach like you are providing. We want our great country back, we want to be able to afford to live our lives here. I figure you are our best chance Pauline, so you will have my continued support. Colin harris.


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