Pauline Hanson's One Nation Defends Free Speech

While I was unable to be in the Senate today in person, I was there in spirit. One Nation will always stand up for free speech and One Nation's Senator for Western Australia, Peter Georgiou, did a great job speaking on my behalf.One Nation refused to be a part of this "public flogging" and will never join in with any grandstanding that seeks to silence the people of Australia with cries of racist, bigot or xenophobe.You can show Peter your support by following him on Facebook

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Tuesday, April 2, 2019

One Nation Makes a Stand for Free Speech

While Pauline was unable to be in the Senate in person, Peter Georgiou allowed her to be there in spirit. One Nation will always stand up for free speech and One Nation’s Senator for Western Australia, Peter Georgiou, did a great job speaking on her behalf.

One Nation refused to be a part of this “public flogging” and will never join in with any grandstanding that seeks to silence the people of Australia with cries of racist, bigot or xenophobe.

You can show Peter your support by following him on Facebook

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  1. Arthur Fletcher
    Arthur Fletcher says:

    Well done, This is getting down to the real issues of Australians and we are sick and tired of Labor, Liberals and greens selling our country to overseas countries. Yea it is a take over of Australia and the Government seems to make life as difficult as possible for our Australian farmers to the point they have to quit! This is then giving the government the opportunity to sell the land to Foreigners.
    To me and many Australians this is deliberate to acquire the farms to sell to make the governments deficit less, But in fact it is escalating, Not in cash terms but in Australian land terms.
    Australians that are loyal to their country would not permit the amount of immigrates into Australia that in their own holy book states to KILL NONE BELIEVERS or allow law breakers into Australia and Child abuse, Polygamy, a racial way of live against none believers and blatant disrespect for our laws to the point of wanting their own law and mention of their own army within Australia.
    NO SORRY these people that come to Australia that want to live in conflict of the way of life of the host country should never be permitted to stay and deported no questions asked!!!

    • Philip Johnson
      Philip Johnson says:

      A good speech by Peter Georgiou. I would love to see immigration cut in half and much stricter screening particularly for African and Middle Eastern countries. If that is racist – so be it – I couldn’t care less what the politically correct want me to think and say. Also, Senator Anning is entitled to his views and long live free speech!

      Finally, a Royal Commission is needed into the corrupt aboriginal industry. Where are all these billions of dollars of tax-payer funds really going when there has virtually been no change in indigenous employment, domestic violence, alcoholism and child abuse? Into Swiss Bank accounts of many Aboriginal lawyers and leaders – I bet! Sadly, neither Liberal or Labor has any politicians of guts willing to confront and clean up this fraudulent industry.

    • David A lawton
      David A lawton says:

      Total respect for you and yours Pauline.

      Absolutely, politicians seek only to keep their jobs.
      Will we ever see one with balls, yourself excluded.

    • Janet Saggus
      Janet Saggus says:

      Totally agree … one statement that Pauline got wrong – it was Malcolm Fraser who first let these bludging parasites into our country. The big 3 are nothing but scavengers for votes. Its sickening to our democracy.

  2. Beverly Whyte
    Beverly Whyte says:

    Queenslanders who want HONEST representation in parliment, have to say so, at the polling booth. Don’t forget to take a pen.

  3. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    Arthur Fletcher I couldn’t agree more with what you have stated it’s plain commonsense and a no brainer.Let us give Pauline and One Nation the BIG TICK come Election Day ! YES YES YES !!!!!

  4. Bruce Coulter
    Bruce Coulter says:

    Great speech George. Fully agree with all being said. Too bad the sniveling greens weren’t in the senate when the speech was given, but thankfully Senator Anning was. How hypocritical of all these “senators” denouncing anyone speaking the truth.
    How dare anyone speak out about global islamic terrorism.
    Terrorism aside, what about all the other enrichments islamic immigration has brought us – jihadist brides & children, FGM, massive fraud (islamic schools & childcare scams), drug gangs, flaunting of laws (land clearing in Western Sydney), massive welfare & welfare fraud (polygamists), violence & murder (spousal as well honour killings), the halal extortion, illegal immigration, lying hypocrites like Waleed Aly, etc etc.
    Where’s the senate’s outrage at the islamic terrorism gripping Africa as their ideological wave sweeps west & south, killing Christians wherever they stand against them. This is what have to look forward to, as our government allows more of them here.

  5. rod tervoort
    rod tervoort says:

    This Westminster system is defunct it failed in England with immigrants and Australia politicians are doing the same .we need to stop preference voting and go to one man one vote

  6. Grahame
    Grahame says:

    Fully agree with One Nation.

    We have a set of rules that work. We do not want others coming here and then wanting to change the rules.
    We need to build Australia not sell everything off overseas. Overseas built is not always cheaper.
    We need jobs for Australians.
    At present we have ones looking to see what can be sold off. They should be got rid off.

  7. Grahame
    Grahame says:

    Australia’s FUTURE.

    What we do at the next election will indicate what Australia will be for the FUTURE.
    We have too much control of Australia from companies controlled by the government of COMMUNIST CHINA.

    We have no control of essential services such as rail, ports, electricity etc.


    How many people have to watch their power usage because of the cost of power.
    I for one cannot use the power the house was built with because the bill would be too high.

    We have too many people in power in Australia over recent times not doing the job for Australia.

    Just look at the NBN by RUDD(DUDD) no understanding of what was required.
    Even version2 by Turnbull was a failure. (NBN FTTN ) Did not understand how to connect to the copper network.

  8. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    Why do we need more emigrants? We have homeless of our own that the big 3 ignore, yet they keep allowing these free loaders every luxury that our own should be given. You only have to try to “spot the Aussie” in our hospitals. These bludgers go there for a rest? We are left out in the cold. Again! .. why dont these wretched parties (not Phon – Fraser) look after us first? Where do these grubs get their money for these million dollar+ filthy mosques? Drugs, halal. Yes WE pay for these terrorist induced ugly, non Australian monstrosities that ruin our country. These breeding places for terrorism. And these who go for so-called prayer, havent they heard of the four letter word “work”? Why arent they at work? More so, why arent they MADE to work? We are. Put them on newstart like we have to and see how they scream. They live in absolute luxury here. Lets put them in Point Piper, the Shire or any of the politician areas. Who keeps their old parents uncles aunts cousins and any other aged hang-about who wants our country? Its OUR pensioners who pay for them. It makes you sick to think we come a very sad last for our freedom, our culture, our democracy. Lets get behind Fraser, Pauline at the box. Lets show these treasonist parties we want them out!! We want the likes of Pauline, Fraser to stand tall in OUR parliament and have say for all us Aussies.

  9. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    It feels good to see the effect Pauline, Fraser have on our pathetic weak pollies. They are running scared. We have them by the proverbials and they know it. If being patriotic is racist then i am a racist and bloody proud of it. Lets go get ’em at the polls. We are building in strength despite what the other parties try to brain wash us with. It is happening. Going from strength to strength, we are getting under their skin and we will make them itch every step of the way. No matter how hard they scratch, we will make that itch bigger and more forceful than ever until it consumes every part of their pathetic lives. Yep, it sure feels good eh? VOTE 1 PAULINE …

  10. Frank
    Frank says:

    I’ve worked & paid taxes all my life here in Australia and have recently retired. I was lucky enough to never need welfare. I worked! It boils my blood to see “refugees” come to Australia and claim MORE BLOODY BENEFITS than long working retired couples get! They stuff up their countries with their politics, religion and beliefs….then what, they find a lilly livered weak government to bludge off. If they haven’t paid the taxes then they shouldn’t get the benefits & that goes for so called indigenous too….hell, my ancestors were raped, pillaged & murdered by Romans, Vikings….can I claim benefits from them? Have they said “sorry” to me? What a joke! We’re being held for ransom & none of the L L or G parties have a backbone.

    • Janet Saggus
      Janet Saggus says:

      Frank. Well said mate. I too worked all my life .. paid my taxes to make our country great for our kids when we go. My family died for us .. not for these bludging grubs yet our men and women who served us get no recognition from the big 3 … maybe if they leave and come back as a refugee they would get accomodation and all the trimmings .. ..


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