One Nation's Nat-Zero warning over UN climate goals

One Nation will double its advertising budget in seats held by the National Party if Barnaby Joyce signs up to any new United Nations climate deals ahead of the Federal election.

One Nation leader Senator Pauline Hanson said she would act to protect jobs in agriculture and mining if the Nationals failed regional Australia and supported agreement with the UN’s COP26 climate change goals in Glasgow.

“Australia is being unduly pressured by unelected UN bureaucrats to leave our highly efficient coal in the ground, dismantle our timber industry, kill off petrol and diesel engines and give away billions of dollars in subsidies to multinationals operating unreliable solar and wind farms,” Senator Hanson said.

“No thanks. If the National Party signs up to this they have a greater chance of dying from embarrassment and political oblivion than they do from climate change. We’ll target their seats by doubling our advertising budget and rolling out our Nat-Zero campaign.”

Senator Hanson said research commissioned by the Institute of Public Affairs cited the loss of an estimated 653,000 jobs should Australia surrender its sovereignty to the UN by committing to net zero emissions by 2050.

“Almost half of these job losses will be in the agriculture sector, followed by heavy industry and coal mining,” she said. “Why would the Nationals, the so-called champions of regional Australia, sign on to a deal that will destroy jobs in regional Australia?”

One Nation has committed to running candidates in all 151 seats in the House of Representatives across the country at the next Federal election.


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