One Nation Promises Gigantic Water Infrastructure Plans

Water infrastructure is a One Nation commitment.

As my home state of Queensland is now 58.1% drought declared, it’s my goal to have the Liberals or Labor give me and the Australian voters a commitment to build a hybrid of the Bradfield Scheme and drought-proof Australia.

Farmers in Queensland are spending up to $40,000 a week on trucking water to their crops.

What does this do in return? It inevitably drives fruit and vegetable prices up and you and I complain about the cost of our weekly grocery bill.

We need to stop Bill Shorten committing to double our foreign aid budget and we must stop Scott Morrison from committing further Corporate Tax Cuts to foreign multinationals.

Instead, let’s use that money to build water infrastructure that will ensure the Murray Darling is always full, farmers have ample water to grow crops year round and towns are never forced to go on water restrictions again.

Where is the long term strategy from Labor and the Liberals? Where is some genuine leadership in this country from these two parties?

It no longer exists!

For god’s sake, don’t settle for their pork barrelling this election. Make the sensible decision to give your vote to One Nation.

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    • Debbie Racz
      Debbie Racz says:

      I agree wholeheartedly!
      I’m glad there are other people out there with common sense which is so sadly lacking in our politicians today. I’ve been saying for years that building pipelines from the coast where the rain goes out to sea, to the west where it is so desperately needed. This undertaking would provide many jobs as well.

  1. Ashley
    Ashley says:

    Australia needs to introduce a 5% transaction tax and do away with all other forms of tax. There is no way to escape paying the transaction tax as it is applied when money is withdrawn from any financial institution here in Australia. If you earn lets say $2,000 per week how much income tax would you pay? If you spent the full $2,000 the transaction tax would be $100 which would be a hell of a lot less than the income tax applicable.

    Yes we need to implement the Bradfield Scheme to drought proof this country ASAP.

    The Bradfield Scheme was devised by Dr John Job Crew Bradfield (1867-1943), a Queensland born Civil Engineer who also designed the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Brisbane Story Bridge.

    The inland irrigation project that Dr Bradfield proposed was designed to irrigate and drought-proof much of the Queensland interior, as well as large areas of South Australia. The scheme would require large pipes, tunnels, pumps and dams.

    The scheme involved the diverting of water from the upper reaches of the Johnson, Tully, Herbert, Burdekin and Flinders Rivers. These Queensland rivers are fed by the monsoon and currently flow out into the ocean. The water would enter the Thomson River on the other side of the Great Dividing Range and eventually flow south west to Lake Eyre.

  2. tom marinato
    tom marinato says:

    I am as much for conservation as most people as i have 16 grandchildren and want to see the beauty of our Country preserved. This must go hand in hand with Water conservation infrastructure necessary for the needs of our Growing population, and Dams and piping water to where it is needed is essential.

  3. Steve Dulfer
    Steve Dulfer says:

    I agree with the Dr Bradfield scheme to drought proof Australia, Most politicians are in it for themselves (nice Super & benefits along the way) Send a message to your local MPs & tell them what we need to have done YEARS AGO & send the water inland !….NO MORE DEAD FISH !
    I weant farmers to have nice green grass & trees around their farms !….NOW.

  4. Robinoz
    Robinoz says:

    I’ve spent most of my adult life living in the Northern Territory and at Mount Isa, Queensland and often wondered why in hell when it rains billions of Litres of water, it just runs off into the respective deserts. Water from around Alice Springs runs into the Menindie Lakes, SA which helps birdlife, however, we need dams to capture all of this water, especially in Western Queensland that has productive sheep farming and agricultural capability. We could build some channels to distribute it far and wide but unfortunately, governments have lacked initiative.

  5. Gavin Benzie
    Gavin Benzie says:

    Vision. Name a political party in the last 30 years who have had any? Many countries around the world harvest there rain, storm and flood water. Year after year we allow monsoon, flood and storm water to flow out to the sea.
    Only 2.5% of the water on this planet is drinkable. This 2.5% is shared by 7.8 billion people at the moment. It is predicted that by 2050, 10 billion people will have to share it. Water will become a very valuable commodity.
    A smart country would be building dams ,piping or channeling great lengths of this country. Every aquifer should be found, protected and utilized.
    Well done One Nation for thinking of the future of this country

  6. Paula McDonald
    Paula McDonald says:

    In abt the early 1930s they built tunnels on Oahu’s to bring water to the non windward side of island. They must be much more clever than we are in Australia caus we just throw it away. In the wet in qld and N.T. Water is thrown away most years. Lake Argyle in N.T. Now for qld. Tully Cairns. innisfale Mossman. Out to sea it goes. Why can’t we catch it pump it into inland river system. Perhaps not to Lake Ayer and down it would go to feed the Murray Darling System .. I can think of many more uses for it. Perhaps the inland of qld could really be a garden. Perhaps we should ask the. Isralies how to do it. It seems they can turn desert into garden. Really fed up with major politics and their riders

  7. Ken McNab
    Ken McNab says:

    How about 1 scratch up 5 million to help with the water crisis Build a few Dams then you can give the water away….Lets put things in perspective shall we..
    Back in 1984 or there abouts Aust was given 100,000 metric ton of Gold by the Philipines..
    Reserve Bank 50,000 mt.
    Westpac Bank 50,000 mt.
    And other banks shared as well.
    Not much or if any interest been paid paid back..Like Malcolm says..There will be no Royal Commission into the banking industry..I wonder why ?

  8. Brian Hunt
    Brian Hunt says:

    For the Labor/Greens coalition , they are completely blinded to Nation Building ideas by their Global Warming Religion to even consider a beneficial Project for the Country as a whole. Bill Shorten totally beholden to his United Nation masters masters, with Richard Di Natale right on his heels. And when it comes to the Greens, does anyone at all ever remember a time when they contributed a good, well costed, idea to Parliament. To add to the bad in the Greens, they have no pride whatsoever in this great nation our forefathers worked their guts out to build. Keep the pressure on them Pauline – they are mentally bankrupt when it comes to building the Nation. Put the brains of Bill Shorten and Richard Di Natale together, you would still be a slice of bread short of a sandwich.

  9. Pat mcmahon
    Pat mcmahon says:

    I agree but not only should one nation be saying this is , move a motion in parlament to force as a matter of nation building that all partys commit to 10 years of dam building . Must be above politics must be done deal for the good of Australia.At least 8 dams must be started or finishedin the 10 years.Stopplaying politics with this most valuble resorce WATER.

  10. Christopher Campbell
    Christopher Campbell says:

    Water is the lifeblood of this nation and being a cfarmer and tpi vetran I say farmers are the backbone of this nation but sadly low numbers when it comes to voting. But if we want good food with no Deseases and infection than we want locally grown food. We don’t want the crap from other countries.

  11. Terry
    Terry says:

    The Romans built viaducts that carried water to the needed areas. Today with solar power we could pump flood waters to the needed areas of all states, build dams or holding tanks. Lend or give farmers rainwater storage tanks as a government drought plan for stock and residential needs. The unemployed could be given worthwhile jobs in these projects.

  12. Maurice Quinn
    Maurice Quinn says:

    Where are the trees, trees attract rain, we should be piping or channeling water from the Ord Dam and the northern rivers, through central Australia which could initially water trillions of all types of trees, then into dams. Queensland dams need overflow pipes directing the excess water in;land, stopping the floods. It can be done, but not with the politicians we currently have who are short term and only in it for the money

  13. Kevin Bowring
    Kevin Bowring says:

    In the 112 years from 1788 to 1900, Australia’s population grew to 1.6 million people. In the last 18 years the population grew by 1.7 million, to 25 plus million people. However, building this Nation seemed to stop during the Whitlam era, and never restarted, for which we can properly blame the Socialist revolution that has taken place since that time. I is my firm belief that we Australians are at a threshold, that could become a slippery slide to oblivion in the coming year. Governments no longer seem to have control of the Government Departments to which each portfolio belongs, money is wasted at an alarming rate, much of it on window dressing. Our Media is out of control,
    the education system is producing brainwashed Socialists almost to the exclusion of common sense, with the assistance of many of those Government Departments. The recent fish kill can be slated to the MDBMA, the Authority charged with the responsibility of managing the most important river in Australia. When ex PM Malcolm Turnbull had 49 Public Servants in his office, receiving up to $750,000 pa, and churning out rubbish like the Paris Agreement on Climate, the compact on Immigration for the UN, and wasting $443 million on a 6 person Barrier Reef Committee, Snowy Hydro 2.0, and the feminising of our Military, We know that somehow this has to be turned around – for all our sakes….

  14. Mario Fenech
    Mario Fenech says:

    Firstly lets look at Lake Argyle it was man made and look were it is. Now look at the wet season in Northern Territory and Far North Queensland. Why cant huge dames be built to hold all this water then can be piped to Southern states to boost our rivers and new dams built in NSW, SA and Vic. Menindee Lakes is in NSW and it’s water is pumped down for Adelaide.
    Why are we allowing farmers to grow crops in areas where much water is needed and no dams to support it not our river systems. I was originally from Sydney and now been in Tasmania in the Northern Midlands (Campbell Town). Originally this area was sheep country but now they are growing Potatoes, Poppies, Canola and draining our lakes and rivers. Again here need more dams. But due to the Federal, state and bloody councils they stop or disallow private dams on farmers properties. I have to say I have been a labor supporter all my life now 68 but over the last few years I wont vote Labor or Liberal in both Federal and state regards those pathetic Greens they are a thorn in the bum.
    Second Point. Immigration. I am so much against The two main Federal parties still allowing immigrants into Australia with no jobs, no housing and the hospital system stretched with delays and problems. I have no idea how legislation works with immigration but why is their not legal forms that every immigrant why comes to Australia have to read, fill in and sign with a translator if needed under a legal officer. But this document says they have to abide to all our laws and so do their kids and any kids born here in Australia in future. If serious laws are broken the individual person of that family who ever it be will be deported back to thee country they came from. Regards Boat people no matter what age should be automatically sent back to where they came from, Why that country that came from because they had to have a passport to get into that country before paying big big money to a people smuggler and arriving with no passport or papers. I believe our Navy ships who find and stop them at sea should automatically take then on and back to their port of departure. I guess I could carry on but enough for now. I have very much respect for you Pauline your a bloody true Australian and hope you have a a member here in my area to vote for but good luck at next election. cheers.

    • Sarah
      Sarah says:

      I truly wish that Australian Immigration followed the laws of this land and actually deported perpetrating offenders of high crimes whom commit some of the most heinous and sadistically cruel crimes in this country (through my actual authenticated professional experience). However, this is not the case. There’s too many legal loop holes to successfully prosecute foreign “Australian citizen” criminals and we do not have a Justice System, we have a perpetrator supported legal system unfortunately. It is all politics, smoke and mirror!! Most immigrants vote Labor- simple. Many government employees are encouraged to vote Labor (and other socialist parties) as well.

  15. Debbie Racz
    Debbie Racz says:

    I wholeheartedly agree. This should have been started years ago thus preventing this drought and hardship that have gone with it plus the needless loss of life through suicide. The pipelines would deliver so much water currently lost to the sea and the building works would provide many jobs as well.
    This is a project needing to be started ASAP. We need to look after our own before anyone else. WE NEED the AID money that’s been thrown at other countries.

  16. Daniela
    Daniela says:

    Yes Pauline we absolutely need to drought proof our country. Water must be the first and the last thing in our minds as without water there is no life and then stop all foreign aid and stop all immigration and refugee intake.

  17. Geoff
    Geoff says:

    Pauline I know you have been trying to look after Australians and Australia, I just wish they would listen down there in the Capital. As you know this was mentioned in 1930 to build Dams and pipe lines from the North where all the water goes and pump it back if needed. Do we have to lose all our food Areas before anything is done about it, we know the China have said they cannot supply there people in 10 to 20 years and will buy up big in Australia as our Farmers wont be able to survive they will sell up there land to China and you can bet they will form dams and pipelines. So Pauline keep fighting for the Aussie battler you go girl give them hell down there we are right behind you.

  18. Stoive
    Stoive says:

    Yep, pollies from the major parties idea of the ” nation building infrastructure” they bang on about at election time is ” widenening a 1 or 2 kilometre stretch of Highway” moving the bottleneck that distance down the road, talk about kicking a can! There is Snowy Hydro 2 but with the amount of emmigeants they are flooding us with we will still be No Better Off Powed wise by the time it’s finnished.
    Great idea for some action on future proofing water supply.
    The Army could build it – 24/7 work crew so No Cost Or Completion Date Blowouts – thanks to no unions.
    And the ADF could use all the new Scrapers, Dozers and Escalators 🙂
    Could even have a recruitment drive for Engineers and not necessarily train them in weapons or battle tactics for this project.
    The Well will be well and truly dry before the Major parties decide to act.

  19. David J Currington
    David J Currington says:

    I still think that Cubby Dam system is responsible for a lot of this, how big are those dams, if it rains for two day snow none of that water will get past those dams, if it rains for a week none of that water will flow past them, it is like raining in Sydney Harbour. I am not totally savvy to the Cubby Dams as I don’t live in wonderful QLD yet, not for another few months anyway….The Cubby Dams System should be dis-armed and destroyed.

    • Les Mundt
      Les Mundt says:

      Don’t just pick on Cubby Station – have a look closer to the source of the Condamine River. Farmers on the Darling downs pump it all out before Cubby Station gets a look in.

      I fished and swam in the Condamine at Yandilla as a kid. Wouldn’t like to try it now!!!! I’m 76 now

  20. james neary
    james neary says:

    The farm dam rules in Victoria have to change to allow 10% of runoff to be used at its source where it is most efficant .The 150 mm we had on the 13th of Dec 2018 which caused major damage to all types of properties if dams were constructed they could have reduced the damage and water would have been available for use in many ways . Major Dams must be built to save this nation.Regards James

  21. David Myles
    David Myles says:

    I have been advocating a revamp of the Bradford scheme for about 40 years now, been told its plain crazy. Yet look at the Baron river irrigation system in FNQ, thousand of Ks of Channels and it works perfectly. Why can’t we do the same out west.

  22. William Halbesma
    William Halbesma says:

    While your about it, why re we wasting the sewerage from our cities and allowing it to pollute the barrier reef. In Europe they use it as fertiliser to grow cops, which, believe it or not, they eat. The Israelis have it right they have transformed a barren land, that the Muslims did not want, and created food bowl, Now the Muslims want it back so they can make it into a desert again,
    This is alo what they will do to Australia if we let hem. Why are most of them young fit soldiers?

  23. Ronald Kelly
    Ronald Kelly says:

    YES you are 100% correct one nation we do need to drought proof our country,
    every time it rains we just watch the water run out to sea or be soaked up by the dry earth just to be back to where we started, how long does it take us to learn.
    And to watch the beautiful darling river and its fish just fade away, how sad is that? I was born on the snowy river Victoria when the snowy would flood over its banks and at the end of winter the ice from the mountains would float past our farm. do people forget that rivers are a source of life?
    No more foreign aid, No more refugee intake, No Paris agreement, just 100% commitment to the future of Australia.

  24. Russell Mansfield
    Russell Mansfield says:

    No need for Transaction Tax… simply Increase GST to 20% across the board…EVERYTHING THAT SELLS from 1C upwards. That’s bread, milk, medicines, services to expensive cars, and houses…. no exemptions. Ebay and other selling sites must take responsibility for collecting it and passing it on to the government. Reasonable import duties and quotas should be immediately reinstated to protect local industries. Loans from overseas companies or subsidiaries should be taxed at 20% to prevent companies from laundering their profits. Companies employing and producing in Ausralia pay 20% tax on profits. No more individual income tax. No more individual tax returns for those earning less than $250,000. Those above $250,000 pay 5% to 20% maximum and NO deductions. At the same time, increase all pensions by 20%. Any amounts of money above $100 sent overseas, whether by cheque, cash or electronic transfer, for purchase or gift must be declared to the ATO.
    Ban states from charging stamp duty on anything… and distribute them most of the GST to compensate.

    I have lived and worked in drought-stricken areas and I know that open channels and rivers lose 75% of their water through evaporation and simply seeping into the soil. During summer, open channels and rivers can often dry up completely before reaching their destination. Our northern rivers should be left untouched, not pumped dry for farming. But what is desperately needed is a piping network from the middle reaches of many rivers east of the northern Divide where floods damage townships and pour into sea every year. Dams should be set up on the eastern slopes where they would mostly gravity feed into 2 or 3 large basins on the western side from which, farmers in central Q’land and NSW could draw from a piped system. Baradfield’s scheme was devised at a time when Australia’s population was only around 10 million. Piping to the soil-rich farms up to 500 km west of the Divide makes sense but central Australia does NOT.
    Dams and pipes work … not rivers and open channels. Irrigating a desert is a thing of the past.

  25. lois goudy
    lois goudy says:

    I am all for it – the only sensible thing to do.

    Thank you, too, for the Australia Day card. Am also 100 per cent behind you on this. Again, I say – íf it were an invasion, there would be a winner and a loser: if the settlers were the winners, all I can say is that the losers are not being treated as such.

    What is wrong with those who poo-poo our way of thinking. I think they are simply worried by your successes.

    P>S> Good for Mark Latham and the professor who leads our ”all for the monarchy” side … Love seeing you on ch. 53.

  26. roger
    roger says:

    i think that ON should engage the 3 gorges dam corporation to do a feasibility study of the Bradfield Scheme ? They seem to know how to do it properly?


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