One Nation Registers in Victoria

Party spokesman, Malcolm Roberts, has announced Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is officially registered for the upcoming Victorian election.

“Our local Victorian members have been working hard on policies that are specific to their home state, and in due course those policies will be release,” Mr Roberts said.

“Further we encourage Victorians to submit an expression of interest in becoming a candidate,”

“Applications must be submitted soon, as our new vetting process is extremely thorough and may require an extended period to complete,”

“I have had the privilege to go through our new vetting process, and can say it is exhaustive and rigorous,”

“One Nation is only interested in preselecting hard working, ethical, honest Victorians who have their state’s interest at the front of their concerns,”

“As revealed recently, our party has enjoyed significant growth in Victorian membership and participation,”

“We have a growing network of people on the ground who are ready to serve and assist our well established movement,”

One Nation plans to focus on the Victorian Upper House, with a goal of having members elected who can hold the balance of power.

“We know that Victorians are hurting. Hurting from high crime rates, high electricity prices and the recent excessive rates immigration,”

“One Nation Victoria will present positive policies that will address these concerns,” Mr Roberts said.

The Party’s success in the Australian Senate in negotiating important achievements for Australia will be the template the Victorian arm of the party is seeking to emulate.


One Nation is accepting candidate applications at

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  1. Peter Spurr
    Peter Spurr says:

    If I were a candidate I would 1.push for massive law reform, give people the legal rights to defend their on home and family,
    2 make divorce more fair to the man , he always suffers the most.
    3 massive cuts to political wages and perks
    4 limit unemployment payments ,
    5 government to get rid of the Red Tape choking small business
    6 stop giving money away overseas when Australia cannot offord it
    7 give pensioners a fair hi , they are the ones suffering the most
    8 limit immigration
    9 export immigrants that express violence the same day they get caught , forget the costly law court games.
    10 asset test politicians on retirement
    That’s just a start, Australia is a beautiful country and it’s being destroyed before our very eyes,
    Peter Spurr

    • Peter Casey
      Peter Casey says:

      Sir I live in Shepparton Victoria Iam 63yrs living in like a retirement village & many of us definitely won’t to vote one nation but we don’t have a candidate how can we vote for one nation.Pauline Hanson is definitely the most honest,truthful,decent politician in this country and is extremely strong & would definitely make a good prime minister.

    • Peter Casey
      Peter Casey says:

      Mr Spurr my name is peter Casey & I personally think that one nation candidates should be explaining that if one nation wins allot of votes the party would manage taxpayers money allot better & not waist money.We have over 120 thousand homeless people in this country,3 million people living in poverty,a debt of $543.832 billion dollars & are paying $18 billion dollars in interest a year. We need affordable housing,we have a huge drug problem in Victoria because of police corruption. If you google (The Hoser Files) you will learn about the worlds worst police corruption.Safty & violence are a huge problem in Victoria.Just in Shepparton we have 17% unemployment and 350 homeless people.Please spell out one nations policies because it’s not long till voting day. The best of luck on voting day.

    • lyn
      lyn says:

      Exactly!!!spot on Peter Spurr!! Just adding one more to the list…….No more than 1 wife…..!! claiming social security and other perks for several wives and herd of kids is a financial drain on Australian tax payers.

  2. John Mcleod
    John Mcleod says:

    Now thats what we need to get this country back on track, its a pity our present government have a lot to say but will not address the concerns of the Australian people. I believe that Pauline Hanson and her team have the answer to get the general public on side and stop the rot that’s been going on for decades in this great nation of ours. My wish is for the people to vote with their hearts. One Nation.

  3. Luke
    Luke says:

    The one world government United Nations has to go. The people of Australia need to be made aware of what they are up to. Which is total control of the population, by the elites.

  4. Luke Mackintosh
    Luke Mackintosh says:

    The United Nations has to go. The people need to know what is going on and how they have been sold out by the major political parties.They have a world wide agenda of control by the elites, through agenda 21 2030.

  5. Lyn Lauer
    Lyn Lauer says:

    I agree with Peter Spur but. Leave 1 AS 1 Then immigration, then 6 leave all others to follow. We must stop people from war torn countries coming here to live the same way they did there. Integrate or stay out.

  6. Peter Casey
    Peter Casey says:

    I think what the abc has done to Australia’s most decent, honest, truthful,politician Pauline Hanson is sick .This is gutter journalism and the liberals are the most corrupt liers , and bullies this country has ever produced. All Australians are screaming out for a new political party with decent honest people & that political party is definitely one nation. I have just read one nations policies and was extremely impressed.I think that all the decent people in this country needs to get right behind Pauline Hanson and do whatever we can to make sure she ends up the prime minister of this country.She is definitely strong enough & shows real leadership which is exactly what Mr Alan Jones said. Let’s all work together & spread the word for Australians best politician.


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