One Nation’s Bradfield Scheme Policy Getting Traction

Long term supporters of One Nation will know how long this party has been fighting to get a version of the Bradfield scheme up and running.

We have taken it as a policy to multiple elections. We ran with it at the last federal election, we ran with it at the last Queensland election, and we are going to run with it again.

The good news is, it seems our message is slowly starting to turn the tide against the naysayers.

Just this week both the leaders of the Labor party and the LNP in Queensland announced they would be open to implementing a version of the scheme.

If the major parties want to steal our ideas, then great! It is just up to us to make sure they follow through.

We know how easy it is for the LNP and Labor to say one thing and do another. Especially since the LNP has voted down the idea of funding a hybrid Bradfield Scheme in the Senate and shot the idea down in 2017.

The truth is no party has fought harder for the visionary nation-building project that is the Bradfield Scheme.

Don’t believe me? Then watch this little compilation we put together of the number of times Senator Pauline Hanson has raised this issue in public and on the floor of Parliament.

And, as Senator Hanson pointed out on Twitter, the other important thing to do is to make sure the project is 100% Aussie built and Aussie owned.

If you want to find out more about the history of One Nation’s support for the Bradfield scheme and how the other parties have fraught against us tooth and nail to stop it from happening then have a look at this article on Senator Hanson's website for more information.

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