One Nation to block asset sales to foreigners if elected

Australia Is Not For Sale

We are tired of our assets including railroads, energy, land and support facilities being under the control of foreigners.Like many other countries in the world, foreigners should not be allowed to own more than 49% of an asset.Governments have been selling out Australia for far too long.#NoAssetSales #NotForSale

Posted by Steve Dickson on Tuesday, September 4, 2018

We are tired of our assets including railroads, energy, land and support facilities being under the control of foreigners.

Like many other countries in the world, foreigners should not be allowed to own more than 49% of an asset.

Governments have been selling out Australia for far too long.

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  1. Lavina Anderson
    Lavina Anderson says:

    Totally agree. Something needs to be done about it. It’s not right. Our young people will be priced out of the market due to foreign buying, as we will not be able to afford to purchase our own land.
    From one Broke, hard working farmer who has had enough.

  2. Scott Sharley
    Scott Sharley says:

    I am all for this , fancy wanting to sell your own country , NO WAY….. no more than 49% for sure so we keep total control over our country . We cant go to their countries and buy up land , why do we allow it here …..NO WAY , IT MUST BE STOPPED.

  3. Rod Hanna
    Rod Hanna says:

    Its a common sense, everyone with half a brain can see that so why the hell this pathetic Liberal and Labor Governments dont even want to see it…

    Australia is not for sale.

  4. Jenny
    Jenny says:

    Definetly just see if japan or china would sell off their country like australia has. We need politician’s with the balls to do whats right for australia, & thats not selling out to the highest bidder😈😈😈😈

  5. gary greirson
    gary greirson says:

    i agree steve i am a small vinyard owner in wa chinese have and are continuingto buy up vinyards here and they are a front for chinese communist party….read clive hamiltons book silent invasion

  6. Cheryl Ford
    Cheryl Ford says:

    This is a long overdue topic we have the best country but there is only so much we can give away it is time to educate our own on how to save more and invest just like overseas families do, the Greeks and Italians are famous for helping their relatives and their kids in buying their own homes it is all a family affair if you compare that knowledge with what Australians don’t do enough of its because they are too busy fighting amongst themselves and end up with nothing at best.

  7. Bob Smart
    Bob Smart says:

    Totally agree disgusting the way Australian Government run this country. Look what Button done created a job for himself

  8. Ian Murray
    Ian Murray says:

    All Australia’s Utilities should be government owned and controlled firstly from a security issue and secondly price control to the population as a baby boomer having worked predominantly in the corporate sector have never experienced such bad governance I now as a member of One Nation see yourselves as challenging the right issues

  9. sue message
    sue message says:

    I agree , and if any one digs out our coal it should be us, and selling what we want to sell over sea’s.
    not every piece being sent out of the country, and not even putting the land , back together again.

  10. Gina Currie
    Gina Currie says:

    Yup. I have been saying this for years. Makes one question the intelligence of those who would plan or implement such stupidity.

  11. Brian doherty
    Brian doherty says:

    Totally agree. Even in Fiji a friend of mine opened up a business and he had to appoint a partner on 51% before he was allowed to open up his business and i understand you have no hope whatsoever of opening up any sort of businesses or buy land in China or Japan .


    There is no doubting this so true and we are as a country the laughing stock of the world in these situations. Keep fighting and gathering momentum to be in peoples faces.
    I do believe the last group of PMs will go down in history as a national disgrace for not attempting to control any of our assets.

  13. Trevor Pye
    Trevor Pye says:

    Yes we need to pull together and stop selling our country to overseas companies. Our country is in crisis now our farmers we pensioners need more help
    We live in a caravan because cannot afford to pay power and other utilities I just gotten over a very frightening illness ,no fixed address

  14. Margaret Trotman
    Margaret Trotman says:

    Hi Steve, We have to stop selling to the Chinese!!! For God sake!!! Can’t the government see what the future will be if they keep doing it!!!! This is Australia? Or is it ?? They will take over Australia Day next. Australians are getting fed up. Margie

  15. Jackson
    Jackson says:

    Thank-you Pauline for addressing this issue.
    Please also seek to restrict sale of land to foreigners. Note : In most parts of Asia – foreigners can only purchase strata titled properties (No freehold)
    Also – Australia gives away citizenship far too cheaply. The time required as a permanent resident without access to social security should be increased, and mandatory before being eligible for citizenship.

  16. Bill Cherry
    Bill Cherry says:

    About time we woke up and refused to sell our country to the Chinese
    Anybody wanting to invest in Australia should either lease or own no more than 49%

  17. A Ed
    A Ed says:

    You are so right steve, every time an asset is sold off such as electricity and the roads, the big companies start making obscene profits while we pay more.

  18. KenEyre
    KenEyre says:

    Look at energy australia Hong Kong owned & own lots of energy assets in Australia also Alinta Energy Chinese owned &trying to buy Liddel power station .Do these companies pay TAX in Australia? suggest Clive Hamilton book Silent Invasion read by all who care what is happening

  19. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    One of the biggest issues we face today. Not only for national security. For a more stable and Fair economy we need to restrict foreign ownership.
    Out land must be in our hands.

  20. Robert Emeny
    Robert Emeny says:

    Sense at last, In a nutshell Australia belongs to Australians and as such the best result we can arrive at is to restrict foreign ownership to a maximum of 49% and Australian ownership to a minimum of 51%
    In our Australian hands and controlled by Australian interests

  21. Geoffrey Schleehauf
    Geoffrey Schleehauf says:

    This topic is so clear to the average Australian yet, our politicians in the major parties don’t see it. We have lost so much industry with Australia and along with that workers skills and jobs, subsequently, government earnings have dropped and as a result, infrastructure is sidelined. Of course our governments hunger for money requires them (with their line of thinking) to flog off the country’s utilities in an effort to obtain money and the country suffers. The problem is that when foreigners purchase these facilities, they have control and Australian labourers are usually put off and replaced with the nationals from the purchasers’ country.

    This has become a lose, lose situation for Australians and creates a bigger burden upon the public purse due to Centrelink payments.

    We need more coal fired power stations to provide cheap electricity to enable Australian industries to compete and create jobs for Australian people. Without the basic requirement of cheap power, industry is stifled, not jobs are created and our economy is shrinking.We are importing nearly everything today and by doing so, we are helping the economies of other countries. One has to wonder if our politicians in the major parties and greens have a conflict of interests. Their actions or inaction in governing Australia would indicate this is the case.

    It doesn’t matter what one looks at today, whether it is the motoring industry, shipping, aviation,agriculture, medical students, education, basic infrastructure, rail, water, power and military hardware, it is either non-existent or in the throws of becoming that way. Infrastructure should be owned by the Australian people and they should have a say as to where our money goes. We need to fix our own backyard first and get people working with infrastructure projects that go toward rebuilding our country’s wealth, employment and drought proofing the country.

    I served twenty years in the Australian Army and there is not one politician within the major parties or greens that I would be prepared to lay my life on the line for. I don’t think that I am alone in this line of thinking because I believe that they are a pack of nondescript’s and I am extremely kind to them at that.

  22. Ivor
    Ivor says:

    If our government allow foreign investors to hold more than 50%of any company than you are at risk of foreign workers company guidelines any policies that are not transparent. They will not be required to explain any issues regarding their business dealings as it would be under their countries politics.

  23. Albert Riester
    Albert Riester says:

    We are not only selling our land and infrastructure, we are also selling our identity. Soon we will be outnumbered by Asians and Africans.

  24. Denis Johnson
    Denis Johnson says:

    Hi from Denis Johnson, we as a country ,can do business with foreigners ,on assets but maybe , we can offer a lease for a period ,then as we know ,owner-ship is still ours ,and we have made money from this ,surely this should be looked at .

  25. Ian Brander
    Ian Brander says:

    Absolutely essential to the Sovereignty of this Commonwealth of Australia. Don’t let the criminal politicians sell us out. They are at best traitors. Well done Pauline and One Nation you’ve got my vote from now on in. Signed, Bloody feed up.

  26. Debra Brazer
    Debra Brazer says:

    100% I totally agree with this stop foreign owernship buying up Our Country its a no Brainer i am discussted that it has even happened ,best of luck I support you on this.

  27. Geoff Hamilton
    Geoff Hamilton says:

    Is there a means for the average Aussie to find out who owns what in this Country. I would like to have some statistics from a reliable source. I assume that One Nation have the data to back up the argument? If so why hasn’t it been published…or have I missed it?
    If honest Australian’s are being mislead over foreign ownership issues then we need to get the facts and figures and do something to bring it into national focus. There are so many other social problems in today’s world that these important facts go unnoticed until it is too late.

  28. Una
    Una says:

    Talking to a guy who is working for a horse trainer in Toowoomba, they can’t get anyone to work, he had to work a double shift, no wonder we are being sold out.

  29. warren elliott
    warren elliott says:

    totally agree guys, but we need major tax reform now in this country, the worker is getting screwed daily, big business makes billions off the back of aussie taxpayers and pays little tax itself, Pauline we must have tax reform now, then we can have a well funded system and Australia gets a well supplied defence force, we can build major solar farms for alternate energy, big business pays its tax for once, we can help our farmers in drought, we can have major infrastructure projects Australia wide, we can get unemployment down to 0, we can help our pensioners out of the gutter, this is what Australians want im sure, stable, honest govt that delivers, because we would have the cash to do the above and more, we don’t need to borrow money overseas again, WE NEED MAJOR TAX REFORM NOW PAULINE, IT IS THE ONE POLICY THAT CAN DO THIS AND PAY DOWN OUR NATIONAL DEBT AND MAKE THIS COUNTRY GREAT AGAIN, VOTE ONE NATION !!!!

  30. Des Reddan
    Des Reddan says:

    A lot of if not all the Australian people’s assets that were sold by the government (who are only the caretaker of Australia’s assets) was done without the approval of the Australian People, there never has been a referendum asking the Australian citizens for permission to sell these same assets, My solution to this is to conversate the politicians assets responsible and buy these same assets back, as for the guilty politicians responsible they can apply for new start, or the dole.

    • Bobby Lee
      Bobby Lee says:

      The crime cartels of the Rothschilds and Soros are behind the destruction of countries. Bob Hawke was a active traitor against Australia – he should’ve been imprisoned for life for treason – he is absolute sewer sludge. Malcolm Turnbull is on the Rothschild payroll having been a goon for Goldman Sachs; it’s a forever position, like the Mafia. One Nation needs to keep a record of all who are selling out our once great country.

  31. Kate
    Kate says:

    THIS NEEDS TO STOP NOW!! WE ARE COMPETING WITH FOREIGN MILLIONAIRES TO PURCHASE OUR OWN COUNTRY… By hook or by crook nothing will stop the Chinese from buying Australian Property… Last year Chinese investors poured a massive $US17.4 billion ($24.5 billion) into Australian real estate, according to a new report.
    The enormous sum puts Australia second only to the US as a destination for Chinese property investors, according to, one of the Asian superpower’s most prominent international real estate sites.
    Australian property accounts for close to 15 per cent of the $US119.7 billion spent by Chinese investors on overseas real estate last year.
    The vast majority was spent on housing, with $US14.1 billion funnelled into residential real estate in Australia, and $US3.3 billion in commercial real estate, Juwai reported.
    Despite the extraordinary sum, Chinese demand for Australian real estate was down by more than 25 per cent compared to 2016 levels, dropping $US6.4 billion.

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