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Donna has owned several successful businesses, worked in real estate, is a Civil Celebrant, and held a JP position for over 10 years. She started a group called 'Coffs Harbour Community Support Low-Income Homeless & Recycling Initiative' to assist people who were having financial difficulty within her community. Donna also has a Cert IV in Leadership and Management.

"I firmly believe the time for 'traditional politics' is over", she says. "We are overrun by a bunch of unaccountable bad actors, who often act like children in a playground when this country is screaming out for great leadership. We need real action and strong people ready to lead our country and its amazing people."

Donna is proud to be part of the One Nation team and rejects the World Economic Forum’s Great Reset. "We need to vote against this if we are to keep any sort of future control within our own country over our own people."

Donna is not a ring-in, she is a true 'Page girl' who attended primary school in Wiangaree and high school in Kyogle. Her father-in-law also was the principal of Woodenbong Primary school and Donna later moved to Lismore for work and was married in Sphinx Park. Her family bought a farm in Coraki which they still own. Many of Donna’s family still live spread throughout the Page electorate and she still has many fond childhood memories, like swimming in the 'Coca-Cola Lake' at Lennox Head and camping at Evans Head to name a few.

Donna has stepped up because she could not stand by and watch the four major parties betray the Australian people any longer. The erosion of our democratic rights, compromising the Australian people’s freedoms and failing to operate under the Constitution, and not appropriately representing the people of our great nation, was something Donna could not witness anymore.

Donna is extremely concerned for local businesses because they are the backbone of our economy. She sometimes walks the streets horrified at just how many empty stores there are in her community.

"The government's policies have eroded manufacturing, damaged small to medium businesses, and taken jobs from Australians."

Donna wants to share her business understanding and foresight to support One Nation's initiatives in Parliament so that Australia can prosper and move forward in business. One Nation supports jobs for Australians first and foremost. In an effort to bolster homegrown tradesmen and women, One Nation will increase its national apprenticeship scheme whereby first-year apprentices receive a 75% wage subsidy, followed by 50% in the second year, and finally 25% in their third year. The release of this program in 2019 was taken up within three weeks by regional businesses. The second rollout of the program was again swiftly welcomed. The third instalment of this strategy would be combined with nation-building infrastructure projects including water, rail, roads, and energy. One Nation does not support 'casualisation' of the workforce and instead embraces full-time jobs. 

"Supporting jobs for Australians first and foremost is important for our youth. Add to that nation-building infrastructure projects including water, rail, roads, and energy and we have a chance to make Australia great again."

As a mother of 3 and as a grandmother of 8, Donna is extremely committed to protecting our grandchildren's futures. Education is important for all children, which makes the government’s disregard for quality education and lack of teachers a big concern of hers. Offshoring Australia’s manufacturing, climate-driven initiatives that destroy our energy independence and resource utilisation, and the systematic dismantling of our Aussie culture all lend weight to our predicament at the hands of foreign global interests and how much work there is to do if we want to guard our independence and prosperity for future generations.

"My father was a human rights activist and fought for the families being kicked out of their homes at the rocks in Sydney back in the 60s. I was only 5 years old at my first stand to support civil rights so you could say protecting people’s rights has been ingrained in me from childhood."

Donna strongly believes that if we work together and better manage our resources, the Australian people have a chance to rebuild the country and create a wonderful future for us all. A nation of economic prosperity, inclusion, cohesion, community, collaboration, and opportunity.

"We need to see a return to Australian manufacturing, industry, and apprentices. We need to support our farmers and stop making it totally impossible for them to survive.

"We need to take back our national wealth so we can flourish and reduce the massive debt previous governments have landed us all with.

"We need to focus on manufacturing, farming, thriving tourism, great infrastructure, energy independence, and environmental and trade protections. We also need to respect individuality, human rights, equal opportunity, and family values, supported by an education system that achieves quality outcomes.

"We must have representatives of the people who will put the people at the centre of everything they do first and foremost.

"We cannot let our culture be destroyed or our sovereignty eroded. I have the integrity, courage, and honesty to represent the Page electorate and I will not be bought, compromised, or intimidated, so you can be assured I will represent you, the people of Page, first and foremost."

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Donna strongly believes that if we work together and better manage our resources, the Australian people have a chance to rebuild this country. She's stepped up because she could not stand by while the major parties betray Australia. #OneNationAus #auspol