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Born in Fairfield, New South Wales, Neil Turner grew up in the Sydney suburb of Villawood before taking an apprenticeship in toolmaking at Malleys Ltd.

After becoming a tradesman Neil worked in industries, many of which have seen the workforces retrenched as manufacturers either close down or go offshore.

Embracing the concept of lifelong learning, Neil studied numerous trade courses in his spare time and gained a diploma in front-line management too.

In the early 1990s, Neil relocated to Wagga Wagga where two of his brothers lived. "Living in the Riverina was a wonderful time as owning a home and bringing up children in a large regional town was quite enjoyable without the hassles of Sydney traffic. It was great to live and work in a very close-knit community," he says.

Neil witnessed Pauline Hanson’s maiden speech and soon became a One Nation member with the Wagga Wagga branch of the party. He became branch president and was endorsed as a candidate standing in the 2001 and 2004 federal elections for the seat of Riverina, securing 5.6% of the vote in 2001 and 4.17% in 2004. 

In 2019 Neil stood as a One Nation candidate for the state seat of Maitland where he achieved an 11% result and in the Federal seat of Paterson he achieved a 14.2% result with a large swing away from the Labor party.

Neil knows firsthand the hardship of going through the family law court system and, like Pauline Hanson, firmly believes that the system needs urgent reform. "Pauline Hanson’s valiant efforts in reforming Family Law have been outstanding."

Neil began a career in the mining industry of the Hunter Valley, NSW, and Queensland in 2010. Attending TAFE in Queensland, Neil noticed the huge rises in fees which must impact the affordability of people seeking further education and future job opportunities.

During Neil’s adult life he has seen mismanagement on a grand scale from the water trading scheme introduced by the Howard government in 2004, to the decimation of the manufacturing industry in Australia, and the attacks on the coal mining industry—to name a few.

Neil believes in a free market with a level playing field supporting a regulated capitalist system within a social democracy. "Our forefathers delivered great nation-building projects, however, we have failed to continue with that legacy. A prime example of this is the continuation of the M1 motorway extension through the Paterson electorate that has been re-announced for many past election campaigns, yet still, there has been no progress. The daily and holiday traffic delays are a major hindrance to the transport industry and motorists alike. The excess fuel consumption in these delays would surely be motivation enough to complete this project if not only to reduce emissions but to save transport costs."

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation supports a new modern coal-fired power station being built in the Hunter valley and Neil is 100% behind this proposal as these new power stations are much more efficient technology and are able to supply cheap baseload electricity to support low electricity prices and keep our manufacturing industries competitive.

Neil sees that the major parties have become an entrenched club lacking a clear vision and opportunity for advancing Australia. "There is a lack of clarity around fostering innovation and growth within the manufacturing industry and other commercial sectors."

Over the coming months, Neil will work hard towards being the next member for Paterson by highlighting and actively seeking public discussion about the many issues that are concerning Australia as we head towards the ballot boxes this coming federal election.

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Neil Turner sees that the major parties have become an entrenched club lacking clear vision and opportunity for advancing Australia. As the #OneNationAus candidate for Paterson, Neil is committed to working for the prosperity of all Australians. #auspol