Pauline Hanson gets fired up over politican pay outs

Sorry in advance for getting so fired up but the thought of Julie Bishop walking away and pocketing a political pension of $200,000 plus makes my blood boil!One Nation has consistently fought for a freeze on politicians pay but every other political party, including Derry Hinch, has voted against us! Politicians should be leading by example. We have pensioners unable to pay their bills to keep the lights on yet politicians keep giving themselves fat pay rises, it is no surprise Aussies think most politicians are parasites.

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Sunday, March 3, 2019

Pauline gets fired up over $200,000 pension for Julie Bishop

Sorry in advance for getting so fired up but the thought of Julie Bishop walking away and pocketing a political pension of $200,000 plus makes my blood boil!

One Nation has consistently fought for a freeze on politicians pay but every other political party, including Derry Hinch, has voted against us! Politicians should be leading by example.

We have pensioners unable to pay their bills to keep the lights on yet politicians keep giving themselves fat pay rises, it is no surprise Aussies think most politicians are parasites.

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  1. Blair
    Blair says:

    You never cease to amaze me, Pauline! It’s so enlightening having a politician say ‘how it is’ and putting people in their places when they deserve it rather than beating around the bush. You have my vote!

    • Geoff Schleehauf
      Geoff Schleehauf says:

      I agree with this and it never ceases to amaze me that in the lead up to elections that the major parties and Greens create anything to besmirch One Nation and it’s policies. They are scared of you, it’s so obvious. It’s a pity that the Australian people don’t band together and ditch these parasites once and for all. We need good honest people running this country, not a pack of gutless showponies who look after their mates and feather their own nests. Between them, not one has the capability of putting a plan together for the future of this country and its people. With the resources in this country, Australia should be leading the world. Ditherers are destroying the country that so many have fought for and for what? A bunch of clowns to sit in Canberra who are running the country into the ground, who let illegal immigrants in to swamp the country and suck the financial system dry as well as other very questionable policies that are turning society on its head. Go for it Pauline! You have my vote.

      • Cherrie
        Cherrie says:

        Couldn’t have said that better myself Geoff. We need someone who cares about this great land and it’s people not show ponies who are trying to feather their own nest and not upset anyone. Pauline has my vote.

    • Haut
      Haut says:

      Pauline was the “ONLY: one who supported Glass steagle separation of the scum banks that “OWN” assholes like Hinch. Who walked out with the banksters! You are goin to grow can,t wait till next election Pauline ! God bless “YOU”

  2. Laurie Reynolds
    Laurie Reynolds says:

    I would Like any Pollie to Live on a Pension for a One Month thats all Pollies to live in the real World Petrol .Food ,Power ,Gas price Insurance for my Home I Run my old car we should look after our Own Back Yard first before helping Real people who need a hand up not a Hand Out .

  3. Bryan Lehmann
    Bryan Lehmann says:

    I don,t believe they earn a pension at all. Their time as pollies is spent telling lies and dipping into the trough.

  4. Tom Brown
    Tom Brown says:

    Pauline Hanson
    Julie Bishop should go and don’t come back at any time, and Darrin is not good for politicks he should disappear he is not a real for politics.

  5. Freda Nguyen
    Freda Nguyen says:

    Derren Hinch has not done one single good thing since elected. And he calls his party The Justice Party, what a joke!

  6. Claire M
    Claire M says:

    “Didn’t pass the pub test”. Love it Pauline. Thank you for speaking on behalf of the real hard working Aussies out there.

    • Donald Gribble
      Donald Gribble says:

      Love you Pauline
      Our family votes for you
      Why are these scumbags getting all this money without asking us the voter’s and tax payers

  7. Steve Zielinski
    Steve Zielinski says:

    Yes Pauline you are right 100% the public should be made well aware of this and keep pushing it and the refugee waste of money as well

    Good work

  8. HKW
    HKW says:

    I could see it from the very beginning that this gendarme, Julie Bishop standing behind and following each liberal Prime Minister was always super ambitious hoping to become a Prime Minister herself. It would be a disaster for Australia! They are all a pack of globalist power and money hungry hyenas!

  9. Gus
    Gus says:

    The very big problem in Australia is ( apart from a common sense Gov. of the day, State & Commonwealth, I guess I should throw in, Local Council ) the citizens $$ income, to the disposable $$ available to pay ones way, BUT! contributing G.S.T. $$, on consumer goods, essential white goods, which the Gov. of the day desperately needs, $$ and lots of them,. … Then water is a classic to massive pricing for items that very few citizens will ever use or see, ( apart from 6 figure $$ incomes to increase the price.. ) unless you are on $700. p / week, to be able to use the toilet and shower for health, and be able to pay for it. … Boat people, are we, the Aust. citizen, really being told the truth on who, really walks home with the $$$$, but a massive cost to the Aust tax payer, but has NO say, in what exactly must happen to the organizer of refuge boat, and the boats captain, … ( captain, what a statement. ) … when the only thing, there thinking capacity can expand to, is $$$$ with a very high %%, contributing to death. … BUT! on survival, who, what, how, is the belief of the all individuals, to social acceptance, of Aust. rule of law, within the Aust. community, … by appearance you can never tell, … the female, and child, will always be the victims. Gov. of the day, common sense, constructive discussion, talk to the citizen, educated to a standard to be responsible for the position they hold.

  10. Mark
    Mark says:

    Isn’t this the same woman who gave $85 million of taxpayers money to the corrupt Clinton Foundation for absolutely no return, (other than for herself).

    Maybe she should pay that back first.

  11. Mick Ballard
    Mick Ballard says:

    Pauline you are pretty much the only one having a dig for Australia and every day Australian’s , 95% of the other politicians I see as absolute parasites they should be lined up against a wall and shot for treason.
    I believe that not 1 Australian asset should ever be sold to anyone other than an Australian, leased perhaps but under the strictest guidelines voted for by us Australians, foreign aid should be a crime against Australian people unless we have absolutely no foreign debt and an incredible bank balance
    Centrelink should stop ALL payments for families with more than 4 children, if families want to have more than 4 kids be my guest but you support them yourselves not the Australian tax payer
    We are being led down the gurgler because of fucking political correctness and the 95% of parasites that serve themselves not us in parliament
    It must be incredibly taxing every time you are in session smelling that terrible stench that those fleas emit.
    I love your work as do a lot of Australians
    I wish you well and thank you
    Mick Ballard

  12. ken bauer
    ken bauer says:

    At 87 i have worked all my life till retiring on a pension i put 2 girls through uni an accountant and a teacher on a railway workers pay and have seen this country go backward since toony stood up and aus was open for business; heshould have aus is open for sale,the percentage of this country that is owned by foreigners is disgracefull .
    I recently saw a chine owner with a series of irrigators using artesion water boasting whive standing over a 8 inch valve he had his own river running into the sea (no polution).
    I am still waiting since 1966 for 2 dams on the tableland to upgrade the hydro station in baron gorge and the burdekin scheme to turn flood water inland.
    How much water is being held back by the upgrade to the hydro on the darling

  13. Fran wilson
    Fran wilson says:

    You go Pauline. Thank goodness we have someone who tells it like it is.
    I sincerely hope you get the numbers to turn the government around. Keep pushing forward.
    You have the rest of them running scared, that’s why they lie about you.

    DAVID PROWSE says:

    What really pisses me off is the claim by politicians of all levels of Government from Councils to the Senate, that they are dictated to by an “Independent Tribunal” on their wage rates. When the pollies are awarded a pay rise, the Public Servants then apply for, and are granted, the same % pay rise. The “Independent Tribunal” members are Public Servants. GO Figure. Of course a pay rise is recommended.

  15. Gordon mckie
    Gordon mckie says:

    Bloody right, its disgusting..I brought this up with luke hardsuker and he said he would pass onto the relative pilitician, but nothing changed…I do casual work at 74 yrs of age, but it is taken off my pension so no point in working…
    Pensions need to earn alot more before it it taken off your pension.
    I,ve just my water bill in today..$150 for the quarter..Rates $455, Strata fees $400, but pension max $650 per fortnight.. I had a business for 12 yrs employing abt 10 people but could afford my own super fund oe salarly…but had to pay everyone else…DISGUSTING…

    • Jean Perry
      Jean Perry says:

      I agree with everything you said Gordon. My situation was similar. We saved the countries coffers because the people we employed didnt take money from the govt, so sick of these parasites…Go Pauline !!!

  16. Wayne Keleher
    Wayne Keleher says:

    Good Work Pauline.
    You keep ripping into these gutless spineless parasites that have their nose in the trough every minute of day sucking up OUR hard earned taxes for their own greed.
    ( When do you ever hear the words ” For the good of the people and for the good of the country” come out of their mouths? NEVER.)
    Keep fired up Pauline and just tell it as it is.
    The truth should always be spoken. These Parasites can’t stand it when they are exposed for whom & what they are. They hate you because you are a real threat to them and their ways.
    Us,hard working Australians need you in there every day, fighting for the future of Australia and the future of our children and grandchildren.
    Keep fighting for us Pauline. We stand in the boxing ring with you and together we will turn this country back into the great country it once was.

  17. Ian Sampson
    Ian Sampson says:

    Pauline Hansen says it like it is and we all pat her on the back but what fools are we to continue voting for major parties? One Nation will not fix all our problems but with enough votes and an axe to wield they could be the difference between the self empowering filthy rich and the honest working person. The government is supposed to look after the interests and well being of every Australian and not put themselves first and legally advantaged over those they serve.
    The whole remuneration system for politicians everywhere needs to be challenged in court based on fairness and equality. Their payment structure is designed to deceive, is open to fraud and self indulgence.

  18. Jenny Bodsworth
    Jenny Bodsworth says:

    I totally agree with Pauline, all Polititions when they retire or leave get the some as everyone else, that’s either dole or pension, what makes them above all of us? nothing, out of parliment house they wouldn’t have a glue the real cost of living in Australia. It is the best country to live, free hospitals,medical etc BUT if we don’t start paying towards these wonderful amenities, it want be, I suggest all politisons have $3000 pw taken from their pay & put into an Australian Animal Saving A/C, or Farmers, good on you for speaking the truth. Cheers J Bodsworth

  19. David Jones
    David Jones says:

    I’m sorry Pauline you are the only person in this Country to be called a POLITICIAN and so good for Australia. The opposing parties have always banded together to try and get rid of you, telling lies even having you falsely imprisoned, having paid protesters dousing you with Urine, excreta, beer and whatever you name it, but still you rose above it and thank God you are still in there fighting. How I wish and Pray there is a happy ending to all this for you , you deserve it so much, you have always had my vote since 1997 in Port Macquarie!!

  20. Jennifer Seddon
    Jennifer Seddon says:

    Go Pauline, I agree with all that has been said so far, and I will have no problem with Voting for One Nation at any Election, State or Federal. God bless your Team.

  21. peter knowles
    peter knowles says:

    I am sick of the parasite politicians from ALL parties who are resigning before the next election. They say they want to spend more time with their families . What a load of bullshit. They just want to retain their $222,000 annual pension for life. If they lose the election and then retire, they will lose $ 70,000 per year.They think we are idiots. Make your next vote count. Vote the Labor and Green parties out of existence.

  22. Bryankeatley
    Bryankeatley says:

    You’re our voice Pauline,you are respected as a politician
    For being the honest one. You can tell the rest of them that give away the tax payers hard earned dollars, and rip-off the country. To go and get a real job,do an honest day work,because they cannot be trusted,in a government we need.

  23. Con Tsaconas
    Con Tsaconas says:

    Pauline, I’m historically a liberal voter and an irrigator. If you can guarantee a permanent water supply solution to fix the water shortage crisis which is currently occurring along the MDBA, you will get my primary vote

  24. Steve D
    Steve D says:

    Everyone knows what Politicans want…..a big fat retirment cheque. ! I wrote a letter about a proposed freeway close to our house, to (1) Local councilor & assistant Mayor & our Division Councillor – replied ! (2) State Opposition member (LNP) for our area- Replied & told me Labor had no money (3) Federal area member LNP – NO REPLY (4) State Labor Transport Minister – STILL NO REPLY…
    Most are rude & will not talk to the locals. I talk to everyone about ONE NATION ! I met Malcom Roberts twice in as many weeks & find him to be the Bloke I’m voting for. I think the Bradfield Scheme is an ongoing committment & the Senators who voted it down should be ashamed of themselves, PITY THEY DON”T READ THESE ARTICLES. People should vote for what they believe in not because their parents voted Labor or Liberal ! Come on AUSTRALIA.

  25. Robert
    Robert says:

    Simple solution is to change the Politicians Superannuation to match that of the voters. Cant touch it until retirement. Get 9% Super into an account.

  26. Sue
    Sue says:

    Fun Fact: $200,000 Pollie pension would support 7.4 disabled people on a DSP – disability support pension of $515/ week………and that is JUST HER PENSION!!!!
    Fun Fact – The waiting time for public housing in Bendigo is a whopping 23 YEARS but don’t worry, if you have a disability they will “fast track” that waiting time to only 19 years (insert sarcasm here). Subsiquently I pay $320/ week in private rental. Utilities, water (coliban water – who are FORIGN owned and have a monopoly in Bendigo, charge $200 more each year, for water up here ……….Must be that God charges more for water in Bendigo?) ………food is a luxury!!
    And now they want to send migrants to regional areas, Oh Please, and where are they supposed to live and work ……..check out our unemployment rates!!

  27. Frank
    Frank says:

    I had retired in-laws who had raised their family and worked hard all their lives HERE IN AUSTRALIA. One day their hot water system stopped working & they had no money to fix it so I bought them a replacement unit. They were battlers all their lives and now they’re still battlers while our so-called leaders who are working for the Australian people get huge pay rises and pensions. Why do our so-called leaders have off shore bank accounts? Stop being sheep and don’t vote for them!

  28. NN
    NN says:

    Perhaps, if Politicians could show that they do indeed WORK GENUINELY AND TIRELESSLY FOR THE BENEFIT, UPLIFTMENT AND INTEREST OF ALL AUSTRALIANS AND THIS COUNTRY, the matter of a very substantial Political Pension would probably not be very hard to swallow among the struggling, average Australians. But to see our country losing its public/national assets to foreign buyers, catering to and advancing foreign interests over locals, preferencing migrants’ welfare over locals, etc, etc, one cannot help but be thinking, “Do these politicians really deserve the generosity of the Australian Taxpayers? As they are their Employers in the real sense!” They are serving at the pleasure of the Voters realistically.

  29. One Nation lover
    One Nation lover says:

    You rock my world Pauline. Thank you so much for sticking up for Australians. You do not need to apologise for speaking the truth. Thank you so very much. You are in my prays.


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