Today I will ask all Senators if they acknowledge that the wearing of full-face coverings, such as burqas and niqabs,...

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Pauline Hanson Moves To Ban Burqa – Voted Down By Out Of Touch Politicians

On Thursday Pauline Hanson asked all Senators to acknowledge that the wearing of full-face coverings, such as burqas and niqabs, has no place in a modern western society.

Senator Hanson asked the Senate to call on the Federal Government to ban burqas and niqabs in places where identification is necessary and security is an issue.

One Nation has fought to ban the burqa for many years. Senator Hanson’s motion was the closest Australia has come to realising an actual ban.

Ban The Burqa

Big day today. Pauline is submitting a petition to the Senate that calls for a ban on the burqa and niqab. It has been signed by over 23,000 Australians. So many Australians are passionate about this issue and it is about time they had their voices heard.Pauline will also be forcing the Senate to vote on whether they believe full-face coverings such as the burqa and niqab have any place in western society and calling for the Senate to immediately ban these types of coving in public places where identification is necessary and security is an issue.We've also been saying that feminists are pathetic on this issue and Pauline won't back down.

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Unfortunately the motion was defeated in the Senate, with the big parties, Greens and cross-bench teaming up to vote it down.

SENATE BURQA BAN VOTE OUTCOMEThe major parties have joined with Greens & the crossbench to vote against Pauline's…

Posted by Malcolm Roberts on Wednesday, September 12, 2018

The motion was defeated 4 votes to 43 by politicians in the Senate. Hours later, conducted a public poll where support for the ban came in at 87% with over 24,000 votes at the time.

Undeterred, Senator Hanson and One Nation have vowed to continue fighting to have the burqa banned. Even if we have to deal with gutless politicians who don’t represent the view of the people, One Nation will continue to fight to be the people’s voice in Parliament.

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  1. David
    David says:

    Gutless politicians indeed. Most I expect don’t live anywhere near where the Islamic people are. Come to this country and integrate and accept our values. The burka is not a requirement of Islam. Whilst on the subject of gutless politicians Man Monis lived of Centerlink for year at the same time as shouting hate for this country. The Government refused to extradite him to Iran. He sent hate letters to families of our soldiers killed in Afghanistan. How did it all end? The blood is on the hands of you gutless politicians.

    • Matthew Swainston
      Matthew Swainston says:

      The way our politicians conduct themselves in parliament is nothing short of us Shameless disgrace shame of all of shame on all of them I hope this goes feral around Australia because God Only Knows it needs to they are there to represent our country not the best interests of themselves maybe maybe we should make the burqa until next into a next federal election issue thanks Matthew

    • David
      David says:


      You are doing a Stella job standing up for all Australians, even the ones who are to scared to speak out. We need to get our identity back and ban cultures that promote hatred, degrade females and civil rights, they definitely do not have a place here in western society, and yes the politicians that band together against this are certainly gutless to stand up. It will come a time when god forgive when an attack on our soil becomes real, they will all reflect and say we should have backed Pauline.

      We need to stop this so our kids and theirs have a safe place to live and not in fear.

      Keep up the good word Pauline.

    • Frances Jeffs
      Frances Jeffs says:

      Why is our Government so weak. Why do they not realise that they are doing our country harm by allowing these people in in the first place. All they want to do is keep their income without giving a thought to the welfare of Australians. it is Ludicrous that so many Australians need help, our farmers did not receive the millions that they give to other countries. The muslims are definitely laughing at our weak Politicians who allow them to live on our soil and disrespect our culture.

    • Denis Johnson
      Denis Johnson says:

      When we visit their Country ,we are subject to their laws,then why are some of our politicans afraid to introduce this simple change ,and point out ,we don’t want people wearing any form of disguise ,such as the burka ,or even motor cycle helmet’s,as is makes any form of identification impossible ,these head cover articles should be worn into religious buildings and that i would find as reasonable and other head gear worn for the protection of the wearer ,such as a motor cycle rider etc.,make it be the rule and we can say it’s put to bed.

    • Pete
      Pete says:

      I agree. Politicians have always been gutless in their decisions in all areas.
      Gutless in changing laws that protect the criminals, gutless in decisions about the amount of welfare handed out to bludgers / indigenous, gutless in destroying the ability of hard working Australians to set themselves up for retirement and continuing to erode superannuation plans and the like. They are greedy, corrupt vote chasing incompetent clowns.
      I walked into the casino with a dress hat on. I was told to remove it as it affected the ability of the security cameras. What if someone walked in wearing a full burka?

    • Noela Sexton
      Noela Sexton says:

      I am disgusted as you say gutless politicians. Held to ransom by a minority group
      Who have no right to dictate our laws to us in OUR country.
      This matter needed to be knocked on the head from the get-go.
      We have to abide to their rules in their country.
      Well do the same here. Its disrespectful to the Country they have adopted.
      Accept the rules or go back to the oppression you came from.
      You women wanted a better life well take it with both hands and accept it.

  2. Tim
    Tim says:

    Keep fighting the good fight Pauline. It’s not racism – it’s culturism – and it’s OK to reject foul cultures that have failed to produce anything resembling a civilized society.

    • Shirlee
      Shirlee says:

      Yup. It’s sure not racism.
      Islam isn’t a race, nor a religion.

      I would like to see a mass demonstrations of people wearing full face motorcycle helmets and balaclavas go into banks and government buildings.

      When they are refused admittance they can scream **discrimination**

    • Daryll Kelly
      Daryll Kelly says:

      Pauline , you had better be careful soon they will accuse you of sexism, because you are the only one in Parliament with the balls to move a motion like this. The rest are girly men or women.

  3. Brian Shaw
    Brian Shaw says:

    What is wrong with these limp-wristed, bed-wetting Politicians. Ban this disgusting Muslim attire, it has nothing to do with religion, just some Muslim men forcing their women to wear this monstrosity, why, are they that ugly that they don’t want anyone to see them and they’re too frightened of the men not to. I mean, there arn’t to many attractive ones around.


    pauline dont give in on this subject, one day u will win, the only reason i see for politicians rejecting this is to do with votes, if they had any respect for womens rights they would vote to ban it, they all talk abut abuse of women this is the abuse staring them in the face, and they still cant get it, the muslims must laugh at our weak politicians, they only have to threaten them with a vote backlash and they all are to scared to take them on.

  5. Patricia Loy
    Patricia Loy says:

    Don’t give up Pauline. Team up with the other three thinking Senators and get another petition together. As a team they should get enough signatures to force others to listen to the people.

  6. Kevin Dickinson
    Kevin Dickinson says:

    Free and easy Australia. We don’t ban hoodies or headscarves or the like. However, people wearing them or disguising their features in other way, should not be surprised when they are more “suspect” than others. We are expected to remove motorcycle helmets, sunglasses and the like, before entering secure or high risk locations such as banks and servos. The same rules should apply to these other forms of coverings. Uncover, or don’t go there, simple.
    Just like being a tourist in foreign lands where access to some religious sites are banned if wearing shorts or thongs etc.
    Stand up for Australia, make it a land for all, and if it is in any way unacceptable for legitimate reason by all means ban it – then enforce it!

  7. Michael Kelleher
    Michael Kelleher says:

    Keep up the good work Pauline……you are the only politician with any guts. You can see what is best for Australia, and the ‘others’ keep wandering aimlessly with their heads in the sand…

  8. Mark Harrison
    Mark Harrison says:

    Totally disgusted in the three major party bed wetters.
    I thought that these voted officials had been elected to support the majority of voters in this country.
    Seems they have failed one more time and it needs to be addressed.
    Just another sign of political correctness going overboard. We will finish up just like European countries now reaping what they have allowed to happen within their boarders.

  9. Tyron Hermon
    Tyron Hermon says:

    Yes, I agree with the burka ban.
    If one cannot enter a service station, bank or a court house wearing a motor cycle helmet,
    how can it be right to wear a burka in these places?.

  10. Lloyd BUDD
    Lloyd BUDD says:


  11. Kevin Larkin
    Kevin Larkin says:

    The reason Liberal and Labor /Greens voted it down because they want their votes . If at sometime in the future Muslims become the majority they will discard Liberals and Labor / Greens like dirty dishwater and Islamic law will be in place ,the warning signs a are already there.

  12. Andrew Hannah
    Andrew Hannah says:

    Thank God your on our side Pauline.
    These gutless politicians that don’t listen to the people need to go.
    Common sense says in this day and age of world terrorists and attacks on the western world they need to be banned.
    Australia has become a laughing stock in the world eyes as an easy target.
    They live off our tax dollars and hate our country.
    We have become a where’s wally country except the game is spot the Aussie!!!
    Respect our country or Block our borders and stop letting them in.
    Aussie kids have no future here in 100yrs time as we slowly get out bred by the towel heads n Africans while hard working Aussies pay there way.
    Keep fighting Pauline, u r well loved and do have real Aussies support.

    • Susan
      Susan says:

      Abso;utely, it has nothing whatever to do with religion, it just a way for men to keep the women down. You can’t tell if it’s a man or woman under it, the women carry bombs as well, susan.

  13. Stephen Sneddon
    Stephen Sneddon says:

    I visited Tehran a few years ago and surprisingly enough a lot of the so called Muslims hated Islam and said to me that all they wanted to do is get on with their lives and run their businesses in peace.
    In a place that is supposed to be the place of repression and depression, most of the women did not wear the depressing and ugly attire called burqas but just a head scarf. The politicians in this country of ours a just a bunch of fools who are only interested in trying to score ratings. Without principles our country is doomed for failure and trouble.
    Get the ugly looking burqas of the women and off the street.

  14. Glynis Robinson
    Glynis Robinson says:

    The pollies are gutless, they are frightened of losing the Muslim men’s vote. Considering it’s only 1% of the population that are Muslim, that is not many votes. And i bet the Muslim men don’t allow their wives to vote, has anyone checked this out? The men say that women will be raped if they are not covered because men are turned on by seeing flesh. Well it is they, that should have more control over their urges. On same subject, being covered up in their native lands has not stopped the rapes and beatings, HAS IT? BAN THE BURQA & NIQAB. It is NOT part of Aussie culture.

    • Rosein
      Rosein says:

      Unfortunately now they are around 5% of the population in 20 years about 15%. It is their idea to out breed infidels and that is what is happening around the globe. They get in and then just breed, get into positions of power and it is then the end of the original culture. History has shown that is how they spread Islam.
      In prisons, hospitals all meals are made Halal. Coles and Woolworths sell mainly Halal meat without identification. They still sell pork products but they will slowly start to disappear over the years.

  15. Bruce Batterham
    Bruce Batterham says:

    To me it is obvious that the majority of the Senators in the Parliament are not representing or hearing the voice of the majority who vote for them – time to wake up Australia and vote for the voice that is listening to your concerns.

  16. kay heggie
    kay heggie says:

    This means all those gutless senators agree with women being bullied into wearing a Burka. They also agree that Islam can call the shots when they live in a country that does not wear burkas. Islam a cult that tells every country how that country should follow the Islamic behaviour in all aspects of life. They charge companies to become Halel. Nothing to do with Australian culture.They marry young girls, Not allowed , but they still do it. in Australia.these senators are weak for Australia. We will be swamped with negative behaviour if pollies cannot see the problems !

  17. Roger Dallas
    Roger Dallas says:

    When in Rome do as the Romans do, wether you came to this country willingly or you escaped for a better life, then you should respect the values and life style we offer, every other immigrant has from different parts of the world, so what makes these people so different you really have to ask

  18. Di
    Di says:

    The thing I respect most about Pauline, is that she never gives up! She was persecuted to the extreme, & where most people would have walked away, she bounced back! That takes so much strength & courage! If we want to get at least some of our old Australian values back, we need to support this courageous lady on Election Day!!
    Please NEVER give up Pauline – SO many Aussies are behind you!! Good luck!!

  19. Pamela
    Pamela says:

    Of course the burqa should be banned if you come to this country that is one reason why we don’t trust them is because we don’t know if it is a man or a woman under there they are hiding their faces

  20. Allan Noffke
    Allan Noffke says:

    We all have to remember those that voted against the ban and when the election comes around those have to put at the bottom of the list. I am glad to see that they sit as if they stood theirs brains may start working. This country was ours, but is now being given away. It is so sad for the workers of a beautiful country

  21. L. Williams
    L. Williams says:

    This problem should have been solved long ago. no one can walk into premises with a full face helmet on so what is the difference with this garb? This gutless government is scared of upsetting a minority group and needs to get some B***S.

  22. Wayne Keleher
    Wayne Keleher says:

    It is quite obvious by the Ayes & Noes vote that us hard working Australians have 4 politicians with a spine, that stand up for Australians & Australia and 43 that are too spineless to do the right thing for the people & our country.
    Pauline, next time you are in Parliament, take your SQUEEGEE Mop with you to clear the floor of the spineless gutless ones.
    Keep punching above your weight Pauline, we are with you all they way.

  23. Michael Ripps
    Michael Ripps says:

    there should not have been another muslim allowed in this country after the 9 11 terror attack ,,, what an insult to the American people , and what a irrisponsible decision to make to continuously let them come here ,, there burquas should have been ripped off that very day ,, They have since killed and maimed many Australians ,, how many more of us have to die before this pathertic Gay government realises that they are not evolving , and there Sharia Law is evil

  24. Denis Mouttet
    Denis Mouttet says:

    What a debacle. Not surprising because we have a glut of, as you put it, “GUTLESS POLITICIANS” administering our laws and just totally interested in their own profiles and getting votes. They continue ignoring the voice of the people at their own risk. Just wait and see.

  25. Bugs Bunny
    Bugs Bunny says:

    All Polititions are scabs ..They don’t run this country …They would not survive except for votes from those they are protecting ..All Countries through the world have taken action against Muslims and their dress ,Australia is dumb..Thats why they come here so they can do what they want ..Countries who took them in ,can’t get rid off them ..They have wrecked other Countries and they are slowly doing it to Australia ..They are here living off welfare with their many wives and children ..We are in their Countries fighting …It doesn’t make sense to me ..

    • Karl-Heinz Feldmann
      Karl-Heinz Feldmann says:

      100% true and we in Australia have to force our toothless pollies to agree with Pauline and thousands of , millions of clear-thinking Australians.

  26. murray sanders
    murray sanders says:

    Ban the rag , it’s simply un Australian and a garment for hiding the bruises that the men give their woman and also the garment is used for stealing shopping items , have a look on utube at all the theives , it is also a huge security risk , these people come here for a better life but they are hell bent on changing our way of life to the one they just coudn’t wait to get away from , and it’s amazing how many go back for holidays to the country they left

  27. Jeanette Brand
    Jeanette Brand says:

    These people that wear the burqa are not welcomed here, they should show their faces and not cover up. We are Australia not some foreign country most countries are now banning these people from wearing them…WAKE UP AUSTRALIA…

  28. Glenn, Concerned Patriotic Australian
    Glenn, Concerned Patriotic Australian says:

    Fact: lets be clear, Islam isn’t a race, it’s a religious cult / ideology, in contravene of our laws, so if I don’t agree with Islam, I’m not a racist.

    Pauline, Thanks for standing up for what all decent Australian’s believe in, the Aussie culture, which is dying out unfortunately, thanks to the dogooders and social engineers ruining it. By the way, ABC TV and SBS (which I am a shareholder of, as I pay taxes) has a lot to answer for, pushing minority views.

    If you live here, accept one culture and assimilate, the Australian Culture, Alternatively, go home to your native culture.
    Ban the Burqa, or we will end up like other stupid countries around the globe that have become victims in their own country.
    If I denigrated women like this, I would be persecuted, lose my job and face courts. If I do it under the cult Islam, its accepted! Work that out. Inequity?
    Accept our laws, culture and way of life, or return home if it’s so good there.
    And stand for the Australian national anthem, our anthem, your anthem, better still, learn it and sing it.
    You chose to come here, we allowed you to come, so play by our rules or return home to live.

  29. Ron Robinson
    Ron Robinson says:

    It has become a serious situation in Australia when the Greens and Labour combine to prevent this being passed because they need the Muslim votes to keep seats in Parliament. Nothing to do with what the Australian People want or require from them.
    Blind fools is what they are. Australians who vote for these 2 pathetic parties should be deported to a desert island as they also don’t have Australia’s interest at heart.

  30. Garry
    Garry says:

    I agree the Burka should be banded. You not allowed to walk into a petrol station with a helmet or scarf on your face. Not only that it’s a security risk. You have no idea who is behind it or what they have under it. The head scarf is no problem but the burka is. It’s time to stop being politically correct and start using common sense and not letting the Muslim Sharia law run Australia. “If they don’t want to adapt.Send them back”

  31. Garry Frank
    Garry Frank says:

    I agree the Burka should be banded. You not allowed to walk into a petrol station with a helmet or scarf on your face. Not only that it’s a security risk. You have no idea who is behind it or what they have under it. The head scarf is no problem but the burka is. It’s time to stop being politically correct and start using common sense and not letting the Muslim Sharia law run Australia. “If they don’t want to adapt.Send them back”

  32. Brian Sayers
    Brian Sayers says:


  33. Mc_donald_the real 1
    Mc_donald_the real 1 says:


  34. Kevin Larkin
    Kevin Larkin says:

    They will never assimilate they stay in their own circles , if you need to look at the future have a look at Birmingham in England where sharia law is in place in Muslim Suburbs and Islam is the majority religion, they have lost their culture and identity to Islam . While the numbers are low in Australia the wheels are already turning.

  35. Danny Kooyong
    Danny Kooyong says:

    Australians cannot merely vote in a solution. Our institutions are so entrenched in PC beureucracy. This beureucracy or ‘deep state’s as some call it does not change with governments.
    What we need is Cultural change. Organise more events and networking sessions between conservative or nationalistic minded Australians eg. Lads Society. That is step one.

  36. J Mundy
    J Mundy says:

    Yes totally agree GUTLESS members of the government are afraid of any backlash if they vote yes. It has no place in western society and it is not a religious or race rule its purely the muslim men forcing their women to hide under clothing so other men do not lust after them. If they want that then go to a backward country that condones it

  37. tom marinato
    tom marinato says:

    As usual, the Government and other parties are not listening to the people. The Liberals are on their way out and the Labour have a leader who is on the nose. They ignore the people at their peril.

  38. Brian doherty
    Brian doherty says:

    Totally agree . Served in 3 different arab campaigns in brit special forces and the ones to trust the least were those who wore the burka as they were more sympatic to the cause and the same applies in Australia these people should be deported . Security . Three of our smallect troops were trained to walk like arab women and wore burkas working undercover in the yemen in the 1960s speaks for itself .

  39. Geoffrey Schleehauf
    Geoffrey Schleehauf says:

    This topic needs to be included in an election or public vote on the issue. Our country is being sent down the gurgler by a bunch of gutless politicians tied into the New World Order and scared of the votes they may lose from the Muslims they are allowing into Australia. I cannot believe that any politicians worth anything would go against the wishes of the people and the Australian Constitution. I just hope that all of them are buried very deep in the next Federal election. At least there are four people whom we can rely on in our piss poor parliamentary system. Why bother sending our soldiers over to the muslim countries on the presence that they are fighting to improve the “plight” of people in those places. We are already fighting in our own country for our nation rights. Howard knew this was coming when we were disarmed. It’s bloody disgusting and those who have voted against your proposal are traitors and should be treated as such.

  40. LB
    LB says:

    The reason i now vote for One Nation is precisely because of powder puff do gooder leftists and the rights who are green! I am choking on Political Correctness, i can’t F**** breathe anymore!. The current Govt is ball-less, Malcolm was ball-less and why cant this ball-less govt see that all things middle Eastern or African is not our way of life, who we are or what our fathers fought for! Become an AUSSIE, embrace our freedoms and our security blanket and if anyone is not happy with what we offer then please; let me start a “go-fund me” page happening to rocket you back to Sudan or wherever your choice of Islamic serenity is!
    This type of ball-less PC reflects on us as a majority, the Burka/Hijab/Mosque is not our way of life and to wear degrading archaic clothing covering faces and full body suits dragging along the ground is just arrogant and in your face! Its un Australian its like Marmite vs Vegemite, Marmite is not allowed….eva!
    Wear a scarf- sure thing, scarfs are lovely but this full dress thing and not standing for judges has to stop and swimming in those garments should be outlawed like swimming nude at Bondi.
    Last week the weak applauded a brain washed 9 year old for not standing during our Anthem which insulted me and many others… but wait, don’t dare insult the new Islam in Australia because we have to be sensitive and not bigots?………Ball-less is all i have to say!
    When 60 minutes female reporters and other ladies of the West go to the middle East to report or visit they are told to wear at least a scarf and cover up their bodies, ok their country their beliefs, their way and we should abide by that way of life purely out of respect, i don’t have a problem with that!
    Ball-less is the buzz word here!

  41. Ian Melville
    Ian Melville says:

    Keep up the fight Pauline. Rejoice in the fact that the majority of ordinary Australians(not politicians or arty farty lefties) are behind you on this.

  42. Mark Sullivan
    Mark Sullivan says:

    Politicians only look forward one election. In 1 to 2 hundred years Muslims will have increased in numbers to control any election. A hard line Muslim as PM…. scary stuff?
    I agree with David – a full face covering has no place in Australia. If we dont start to do something now then God help our great, great great grand children.

  43. Albert Riester
    Albert Riester says:

    If we go to a Muslim country, we have to abide by their rules too, but they think in this so called free world they can do whatever they want. Ban the burqa and while you are about ban halal too.

  44. John Ingham
    John Ingham says:

    Unfortunately there are a lot of people in politics who are totally ignorant of what Islam means. Well it means submission to words and deeds of their Profit Mohammad who in his wisdom set his thoughts in stone in the Koran so nothing can change. So world Jihad is their ultimate goal. What every one should read is a book called The Story of Mohammed , Islam unveiled. This tells the truth of what Islam really is. You can read it on the web at or bye from AMERSON.

  45. Pam Thorley
    Pam Thorley says:

    I wish the burqa and all other face coverings be banned. I didn’t think I would be affected by seeing these, but when I did see one I immediately felt threatened. I became extremely nervous and left the shop as soon as possible. I felt that I was in danger, and was likely to be attacked and murdered.
    This was in an Australian City, in a previously conservative area, namely Toowoomba. We cannot continue to have people walking around hiding their identities, and creating suspicion and doubt among our people. This type of dress has been used to assist in the avoidance of Justice by men who have been involved in Bombings over a number of years. If people wish to dress in this manner, they are not willing nor attempting to integrate into our society and way of life, and should be returned to their home Countries immediately.

  46. J
    J says:

    Yes must definitely get rid of Burka. Because they want more and more more mosque. More Muslim schools. Then they will want all woman to where burkas. Stop it now this is Australia.. If they liked living under sharia law why did they leave there country..

  47. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    We have to get rid of this Burka Pauline what’s wrong with Greens and Labour Don’t they have children’s and grandchildren they are not thinking of them.If these people want to come and live here if they want to start a better life they should go to Our schools they shouldn’t be allow to build their school here and even mosques also .Stop it now if they don’t like it go back where they come from.Students coming to study here are only coming with the hope they can stay on here they shouldn’t be allow to get PR if they come on a student visa

  48. Jessie
    Jessie says:

    They must be real idiots no brains.Labour and Greens are stuffing our beautiful county Australia up please wake up all you before it’s too late.

  49. Colin Timms
    Colin Timms says:

    I agree with all the above, I have said it before that our politicians are a gutless bunch and are not listening to the peoples wishes, (TRUE AUSTRALIANS) who don’t want this sort of thing in our country. The public needs to have a vote on the burka at the next election.The burka is a horrible, hideous garment which has no place in Australian society. It is nothing but suppression of women’s rights, and also a control factor by their husbands we don’t want this in our country.
    Keep up the pressure Pauline we are behind you!!

  50. Peter Lock
    Peter Lock says:

    We will end up several nations in one country which is unacceptable. Either
    assimilate or don’t come.Australia does not want to end up another Lebanon which happened with thousands of moslem refugees. Islam is not compatible with western values. Name one truely Islamic democracy anywhere. ee the problems in Sydney and Melbourne.
    Gutless leftist pollies i.e. Labor and their lackies . will bring Australia to ruins.
    Ban the Burka etc and make sure no Sharia law, polygamy is not acceptable either.
    Time for a binding referrendum on immigration. You can’t leave it to Parliament

  51. GustavClinckers
    GustavClinckers says:

    Weak as P
    These people are supposed to represent the peoples wishes not pandering to minority groups.
    Most have not contributed to our country the are here to exploit our welfare system to the detriment Australian taxpayers.

  52. Ian
    Ian says:

    This decision is not good for our country. I can’t believe the number of noes! There are a bunch of ignorant leftist senate members way out of touch with the people thats for sure.
    One thing, I’ve had it with politics!
    But God help us if our next idiot leader is Bill shorty Shorten, the most unpopular leader of a political party ever.
    Pauline, keep at it please! And if we don’t lower the muslom immigration we are heading for sharia law and then our idiot leftist senators will be sorry!

  53. Dean Sinclair-Paton
    Dean Sinclair-Paton says:

    Typical stupid reaction from the idiot Greens & pathetic left wing cross benches. Go hard Pauline, the Australian people want these filthy evil looking burqas and niqabs banned, it’s a major security risk to all Australians and a slap in every Australian’s face.

  54. Rickytee.
    Rickytee. says:

    If 87% of Aussies are against the wearing of the burka or niqab then those gutless politicians who voted against the wearing of it cannot be representing most of their electorates who voted them in to represent them!
    Incidentally, how is it that the Federal Govt. is gradually getting more Muslims into Parliament?
    Good for you Pauline – keep up your great work…you’re one politician that that is head and shoulders above the rest!

  55. Brenton
    Brenton says:

    I hope that all of the evil politicians who voted no are killed in mudslime terrorist attacks & then rot in Hell for eternity like they deserve to!

  56. Brenton
    Brenton says:

    Instead of banning the burqa, islam and muslims should be completely banned in Australia, and under international law & punishable by the death penalty if it were up to me.

  57. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    let Mr Donald Trump make the decision, there would be no question about it, they would be banned, common sense he would not allow the wearing of this garment, being a big security risk, those gutless politicians are not the people we want running this country of ours.

  58. Ian Brander
    Ian Brander says:

    The reason why they wear this type of garment is to make a statement, and the statement is this :
    ” we are NOT a part of YOUR SOCIETY and we will NEVER BE A PART OF YOUR SOCIETY”

    • Noela Sexton
      Noela Sexton says:

      We all know that they are and never will be part of our society. Well bug off to the middle East where you are part of the society.
      As for the politicians who voted for the Burka. Well just look at them a greater group of morons you will ever see in a group.
      God help us we need you Pauline.

  59. Alan Arnell
    Alan Arnell says:

    Ban the bloody thing, we cannot wear our motor bike helmets away from the bike nor do we want to, this is Australia and this is our way of life. DON’T LIKE IT; LEAVE THE COUNTRY ASAP.


  60. Chris Walters
    Chris Walters says:

    It seems to me most Australians are completely uninformed about islam.
    They haven’t heard of the following concepts:
    Dar al harb
    Taqqyir and kitman

  61. L Stares
    L Stares says:

    my family is behind this ban 100%. Don’t give up Pauline, keep fighting because you are our voice and one day it will be heard, hopefully sooner rather than later.
    It’s simple, they come to Australia to live “our” way off life, to escape “their” own crappy country/wars etc and because obviously their own country is so bad they feel they must get out, so why the hell come here to Australia and then continue with the same type of life? If they are allowed in, they should be forced to give up their old way of life and be forced to change to Australian ways and this includes no burqa.
    For goodness sake, if we go over there to their countries, we are expected to abide by their rules/way of life and in many places if you don’t, you could find yourself in legal trouble, so why on earth can’t we follow suit and do what we have to do, to keep Australia Australian?

  62. Hazel white
    Hazel white says:

    My sister lived in the Middle East for a number of years. She was telling me they have to take off face coverings in all Airports, and show their identification and in any place where security is important. They don’t even put up with this in their own countries

  63. andrew whitney
    andrew whitney says:

    The Government is supposed to represent us, but clearly they don’t as 85% of people polled want the burqa banned. I am also disgusted at our gutless politicians voting 43 to 4 in favor of not banning the burqa. Press on Pauline and others; the people have voted, we will win, the burqa will be banned!

  64. michael
    michael says:

    how many polaticians have been confronted by a burqua wearing person in their daily life??? i have .. i find it intimadating. when you are non recognisable you can say do and act as you like . facial expressions cant be read and body language cant be read either. its not in australian culture to wear full face cover( although one did put a bucket on his head a few times). i accept any one on an equal footing but some one fully coverd and non recognisable is not in my opinion on equal footing.i believe in total burqua ban

    • valda purvis
      valda purvis says:

      The corrupt UN controlled by the Saudi’s tells us what to do,recently our new Prime Minister Scott Morrison signed a free trade deal with Indonesia a rapidly evolving islamic country so the majority of his party would not vote against him ,nothing has changed with this new government ,so why did they get rid of halal Mal?

  65. Lidia Kardos
    Lidia Kardos says:

    In fact, Islam is more than a religion.  It is a rigid political and cultural system with a mandate to conquer and govern the lives of others via necessary force “until religion is only for Allah.”  Violence is sanctioned by the Quran, a book which not once tells Muslims to love those outside the faith.

The enemy of this orthodoxy is not just intellectual dissent and free speech, but human freedom. The divine charter of Islam is to impose itself and thus prevent the individual from discovering a different meaning for their own lives.  

Islam breeds arrogance and self-absorption, which accounts for the collective petulance and perpetual grievance that characterises Muslim populations in general – along with the astonishing unwillingness to extend equal moral consideration to those outside the religion.

  66. Charles Coutts
    Charles Coutts says:

    So what we are seeing is ,this group of Malcontents are ones that Want Australians to be Attacked and murdered by an Ungrateful Cult otherwise they would have voted in favour of the Ban, Are they Moslems themselves and haven’t told anyone yet !!! Its good that we have their names because we can now Vote against them when ever we can.

  67. jon
    jon says:

    what happens to me if i walk into a store wearing a balaclava and refuse to remove it.The same rules need to apply for everyone.Having these separate rules is causing the hatred in this country. Our governments want this division between Australians so they can keep our eyes off their incompetent bumbling and behind the scene secret deals that pad their pockets

  68. Cheryl Ford
    Cheryl Ford says:

    Australia must ban the Burqa and all of that type of headgear that covers a person’s identity for major safety reasons from terrorism and also on the other hand to protect those who wear this form of clothing from being targeted themselves this type of dress wear does not suit our country only their own and we don’t have to make changes for them they must do it.

  69. tom~paul
    tom~paul says:

    The greens and Labor will be the downfall of Australia. By voting against the ban full head cover in any form, especially the burqa, which I find very offensive and oppressive to women when worn in Western Society. The MAJORITY of Australians DONT WANT THE BURQA WORN IN PUBLIC. Oh… the Greens are so “progressive”. They just want to be miss matchers… You say black, they say, no white. Pauline Hanson is one brave woman and she is getting my vote.

  70. Erika Little
    Erika Little says:

    You are the only one who has the termerity to say what the majority of Australians think and want but are frightened to say.

  71. Sandra Bulmer
    Sandra Bulmer says:

    I strongly suggest that come the next Election, Those who canvass for our vote should be asked, ‘will you support this Ban that the people want and other considerations put to them by the people of this Country . If not, then do not vote for them.

  72. Leslie Wilfred John
    Leslie Wilfred John says:

    Ban it!! How many Islam men are wearing it as a disguise? And we talk about National Security
    So many politicians only see votes in their tenure of Government and opposition.
    Keep it up One Nation. Over three -quarters of the Australian population support your stand

  73. Gail Kelly
    Gail Kelly says:

    Hello. I couldn’t give my vote. YES. Ban BanBan. They come to our Country and show NO Respect and in addition make demands on Australian Laws to accomodate them and their way of life in our Country. They Should be wearing Western Clothing and only ware their Traditional Dress At Appropriate Gatherings. I see a lot of Health Issues here as well, due to our Tropical Weather. Security is Definitely NUmber One Issue.

  74. Sue
    Sue says:

    Fully agree with vast majority of comments. We have voted for One Nation since the beginning. Admiration for you, Pauline. Very strong lady. Thankyou for your efforts and courage.

  75. Marian miller
    Marian miller says:

    They won’t vote against it because they want their votes at the next election, I cannot understand how this Government totally discards the will of the people!!!

  76. j southall
    j southall says:


  77. Tony
    Tony says:

    Why don’t we walk into bank with full face helmet and film what happens
    Why don’t we walk into bank with Berra even though we are men
    Let’s lobby ploys, let’s get proactive
    Thanks paulene

  78. David Currington
    David Currington says:

    How good is it to be a member of Paulines Political Party, you make people proud to be Australian again Pauline Hanson.
    Keep up the good fight, this country needs people like you, not gutless sheep that just do what the rest of the party say’s.

  79. Steve
    Steve says:

    Not enough Australians are aware of Senate decisions such as this, if they were it would make voting at the next Federal Election very simple for them.
    This Senate vote typifies how out of touch the ruling parties are with mainstream Australia.
    My mind is already made up, bring on the election.


    France, Holland and Belgium have banned the Burka. Even Islamic countries like Chad and Cameroon have partial bans because they recognise the potential security threat of wearing full face burkas. The burka is not a requirement of Islam. It is just another example of Muslim men impinging on the rights of women. Australian politicians are far too worried about offending Muslims; they should be more concerned about reflecting the will of the people that put them in power.

    Come on you gutless politicians, listen to the people.

  81. Margaret Holmes
    Margaret Holmes says:

    I find it hard to believe that those weak knees in the senate voted against banning the burqa. That form of medieval garb has no place in any western society. Invite some of these people who are against a ban to walk down the streets of Lakemba, Auburn, Granville and some of the other places where muslims have taken over and see what they think. It not safe for Australians to walk and shop in some of these areas. It’s intimidating and quite frightening.

  82. romeo de lorenzis
    romeo de lorenzis says:

    I’m shocked to the refusal to ban the burka it clear those politician need a lesson at the next federal election.

    It clear that the full burka is only used to manipulate the system including CES ,Driving infringements etc.etc. as it could be Diana or Laura under it, we will never no
    Pauline continue with your good work, we are with you

  83. joy harris
    joy harris says:

    ban the burqa – it is our country and we need to know what is lurking under this dispicable rag –
    you come to this country – do as we do – otherwise go back to where you came from.
    BE proud of who you are and where you live -SHOW YOUR FACE you gutless yes women.

  84. KristyBig
    KristyBig says:

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