Pauline Hanson speaks with Alan Jones on drought proofing Australia

For more than 22 years, I've been pushing to drought-proof Australia by building a hybrid version of the Bradfield Water Scheme.Just a few weeks ago, I asked the Parliament to vote on approving the project, but sadly the Liberals, Nationals, Greens and Labor voted against it.Only One Nation elected Senators voted in favour of the project.I'm tired of people saying, "Let's do another feasibility study". Has anyone asked themselves how feasible a country is without water?#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Bradfield #Water #Drought

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pauline Hanson speaks with Alan Jones to Drought Proof Australia

For more than 22 years, I’ve been pushing to drought-proof Australia by building a hybrid version of the Bradfield Water Scheme.

Just a few weeks ago, I asked the Parliament to vote on approving the project, but sadly the Liberals, Nationals, Greens and Labor voted against it.

Only One Nation elected Senators voted in favour of the project.

I’m tired of people saying, “Let’s do another feasibility study”.

Has anyone asked themselves how feasible a country is without water?

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  1. Brian Shaw
    Brian Shaw says:

    I also have been pushing for a version of the Bradfield Scheme to be implemented, but both sides of Government keep saying that it’s not feasible. If a Despot like Gaddfi could irrigate the Sahara Desert, surely the Despots of this country could, but they continue to flood useless Projects with $$$$M and quite a lot of them finish up just that, useless. I have written to both sides to take their collective heads out of the sand and as this Project has already been costed out as $90M it is a paltry sum compared with some of the disasters that they have attempted. As some one who has been at the “Coal Face” of some major Civil Construction projects undertaken by 2 of the largest Construction companies in Australia, Leighton and Thiess Contractors, for the past 55 years, I believe that I have sufficient knowledge to support this Project. The farmers of this State and further down the country west of the Great Divide matter, and that’s where we should be looking at drought proofing for the future benefits of all Australians, not just the few that some of these hair-brain ideas that generate in their empty heads. There is the potential for the west to be our future food bowl if only they had water, not wait for floods to wash all the top soil, that which is left, into the rivers and out into the ocean. Instead of selling this land off to other nations, as is happening, get some “Intestinal Fortitude”, to be PC correct, “GUTS”, and start planning for this project now. Regards Brian Shaw

  2. Steve Dulfer
    Steve Dulfer says:

    I think EVERYONE in Australia should be sent the interview with Alan Jones and Pauline about our water situation. Maybe Pauline calls for a Referendum on Water ….we already spent millions on the Gay vote & I don’t know anyone who voted yes ! Let the people of AUSTRALIA VOTE on water & the Bradfield Scheme, imagine how good our Farmers would feel if they had water !! Come on everyone !

  3. Sue Davidson
    Sue Davidson says:

    Sue Davidson
    Come on Australia This is no longer the lucky country. We can no longer say “She’ll be right mate” while we are discussing every thing in and out of Parliament Our Country is becoming a third world country. We have only to look at Singapore and what they have done over the last 50 years. I realize that we don’t have the population of that country, but we spent Millions on on the Gay situation ……why did we need a vote in the first place. Lets get that water flowing for the farmers, for the towns along Our River, it is terrible to know that all the water from the floods is wasted too. Thanks to Pauline and One Nation. Come on every one!

  4. David Currington
    David Currington says:

    I don’t know why the government doesn’t send a dozen blokes out with bulldozers to dig out all the farm dams that have silted up over the years and maybe dig a couple of new ones on the way so when the water does come, such as this flood water or rain, the dams will actually hold probably twice or three times as much as they do now giving the farmers a heap more water to cope with next times dry times. This would be much better spent tax money than foreign aid.

  5. Will Gratton
    Will Gratton says:

    Totally agree with all the above comments. All these projects should have clauses included that state that all materials used in these projects be Australian made from Australian products and built by Australian workers not imported migrants and owned by Australian companies. Australians dont mind the cost as the benefits to Australia will far outway the costs in years to come .

  6. Will Gratton
    Will Gratton says:

    All these projects should be done by Australian companies employing Australian workers using all Australian products. The benefits to Australia far outweigh the cost. Can the french subs design and build our own . Where there is gas is there not oil we should be self sufficient. The dams need hydro incorporated in them . All for renewable energy however we should use our coal in low emission stations using all Australian components.

  7. David
    David says:

    past compensation comes to mind. With so many stations / farms being bought up by foreign entities after farmers have had dealings with unscrupulous bankers.
    How do we cover this?
    Its a win fall for the foreign entities unless there is government land intervention.

  8. Mary Moore
    Mary Moore says:

    I can’t see how our so called Govt can send billieons of dollars o’seas ro buy countries kick backs under the table hand offs, there’s no value in helping Australia or Australians !!!

  9. Sandy Old
    Sandy Old says:

    The amount of money used on feasibility studies, to which are gathering dust would have paid for this infrastructure. STOP WAISTING TIME AND MONEY ON STUDY AFTER STUDY, TASK FORCE AFTER TASK FORCE to justify your jobs and just do the the job…..

  10. Colin Belcham
    Colin Belcham says:

    Well it is time for all Australians to do something and either sack the government . Or get them working for Australia first and always half all foriegn aid and immigration asap. And we have more than enough money to make it happen.

  11. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    As always Pauline you are correct-water is most important we have plenty coming from the skies in Qld NT-just need to harvest it it’s a no brainer !!

  12. Selwyn Johnston
    Selwyn Johnston says:

    Australia’s current Water Issues are NOT new however, successive Federal & State Governments have ignored numerous requests for a National Referendum on this vital WATER issue, which costs Australian taxpayers billions of $dollars$ annually.

    Planet Earth ‘Climate Cycles’ are a natural phenomenon that occur hundreds, thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years apart. That’s just how Mother Nature works!

    I have written and published material extensively on Australia’s WATER which has been published on the Internet since 1994.

    Every Australian should read and understand this issue located at

  13. John Wayne Plenty
    John Wayne Plenty says:

    So Pauline Hanson makes sense and do the current boofheads in Canberra listen????? further to her comment about Julie Bishop and Prissy Pryne getting huge payouts, why should our useless lot in Canberra receive free??? medical when all other working Australians do not

  14. Mark Denham
    Mark Denham says:

    I have been beating the drum on this for years, its what they call a no brainer for the long term prosperity of the country & nation alike. This tackles so many current issues we have in Australia it is crazy the Nat’s aren’t falling over themselves to make this a election policy. How the Nat’s cant see they need more votes & to get more votes you need more population & to get more population you need more business & to get more money flowing out west what is the only thing you need….WATER. not to mention the boost to Australia’s GDP through massively boosted ag exports, the extra employment in city & country eg. traders, freight companies, ports.
    Seems to me we can find reasons NOT to do a thing or you can find reasons to do it & just go for it.
    I think general Australians fall into the later category but our pollies & media are squarely in the negative box.
    This scheme is doable and whats more for a fraction of what the NBN has cost, where has the vision gone in Australian politics.
    As I said NO BRAINER common just build it.

  15. Robert Buckley
    Robert Buckley says:

    This is one major ambition Australian needs to have, I’ve been saying this for years, the project can be planned over a period of stages, so it’s not like we have to shell out all this money in one go. Australia will really prosper and grow making it a better nation for all.
    Our biggest problems lie with the the other parties that have no foresight for Australia’s future, it will be the same scenario as what as happened with our energy infrastructure, polititions just sat on their hands and fall asleep as you see on the parliaments broadcast and everything went south, except their wages, this project should be one of our fist in line projects, but as the mess that’s happened with our energy will continue with other important projects like this, but they have an answer, we will sell it off to the Chinese and let them own more of Australia, then maybe China will let us stay here, maybe under a visa. My hopes are fading for this country due to these selfish greedy narrow minded individuals.

  16. Robert Vincin
    Robert Vincin says:

    Addressing NSW Drought/desert. Invited by UN USG I sat on panel to prepare what became Kyoto Protocol. For 2yrs travelling the globe to meetings, side touring to meet CO2 emitting industries. . We grow soils in desert Nations. NSW/Australia can sequester trade global CO2 reverse desert.
    Robert Vincin

    *UN USG invited me 96-98 to join the panel that prepared science Kyoto Protocol. Member Earth Council. Travelled the globe to meetings over many years side toured to desert/poverty regions & lecture to industry
    *Vincin; Former Branch Secretary to Hon John Howard 96-98 showing how to win Greens and Prime Ministership!
    *Wrote Direct Action for Tony Abbott (Adelaide Review June 96) he PM 2013- (2013 issued contract by PM Abbott repeat PRC 200,000,000 hectares desert reversal CO2 sink to UNFCCC COP3 100yr rule).
    *1995 Paper There was no River Murray Darling Workshop ANU Canberra “Preserve water courses”
    *1997-2000 KPMG consultant attending Global Offices sitting on Earth Council panel prepare COP3 addressing industry
    *2000 Paper tabled UNFCCC COP6 “The Missing Sink” detailed 2-4% of Earths vegetation was and must again be such sink CO2 (Condon/Vincin) Tabled by Hon Robert Hill. Article 3.4 Known as Australian clause
    *2005-Invited Foreign Expert PRC Central Government advising 7 Ministers, 9 Governors, teach Law, Science, Agriculture, Forestry at Peking et al Universities. Leading in field physical growing soil, soil-carbon, food fodder forestry, funded by UNFCCC CO3 offset trading to UNFCCC 100year rule forward sale!
    *2008 a JV with UNDP PRC Forestry Plant out C4 CO2 over 9 Provinces & by 2020 lower4Bn T CO2 pa.
    *Recipient Genghis Kahn Peace medal 2008 teaching growing soil roof of the world and other serious awards.
    *The late Maurice Strong founder UN, UNEP Earth Council met with me regularly whenever I was in Beijing.
    *2014 Nairobi Kenya UNEP conference Kenyatta University reversing deserts drought CO2.
    *1996 Perfect growing an array of soils in lab tubes to apply in fields replace native soils! Expanding the science.


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