Pauline Hanson’s Election promise

With an election now called for May 18, Pauline Hanson is suggesting voters take out insurance by voting for One Nation, the only party promising to hold the major parties to account.

Senator Hanson said, “This country has been crying out for a solution to drought and I have given my commitment to the people of Australia that if One Nation continues to hold the balance of power after this election, we will build the hybrid Bradfield Water Scheme and drought-proof much of the country, while solving the issue of water for the Murray Darling.”

The One Nation party have shared the balance-of-power for the past term of parliament, ensuring legislation was judged on merit and not sleazy backroom deals.

Senator Hanson said, “I’ve kept an open door policy with all sides of politics these past few years and, despite who puts legislation forward, I’ve always taken the time to judge it on the basis of whether it is right for the people of this country or not.”

The One Nation leader took a principled stance on rejecting the coalitions tax cuts for larger businesses with turnovers exceeding annual earnings of $50 million, yet supported tax cuts for smaller family businesses and workers across the country.

“One Nation has ensured the Morrison Government maintained a strong economy by rejecting their wasteful $45 billion dollar handout for banks, multinationals, and businesses that don’t pay their fair share of tax in this country,” Senator Hanson said.

“It’s One Nation who started the debate over issues the major parties refuse to speak about. Issues like immigration, foreign ownership, water, electricity prices, climate change, safe schools, and political correctness. If we weren’t there to give both sides of politics a clip under the ear from time to time, the country would be a broke basket case.”

One Nation uncovered the misconduct of our banks in a parliamentary inquiry into the lending practices to farmers, chaired by Queensland senate frontrunner Malcolm Roberts. That inquiry very quickly led to the Banking Royal Commission.

“We have achieved so many outcomes for Australian’s across this country. We have dealt with thousands of little issues that people are just so grateful to have resolved, but also had significant wins including the 1600 apprenticeship positions for regional Australia,” Senator Hanson said

“One Nation saved the sugar industry with a code of conduct, kept the Moora College in WA open, helped secure over $200 million for a much needed water pipeline to prevent Townsville going dry again, achieved a $8.9 million emergency centre for Ipswich, obtained $5 million for the driver training facility in North Queensland and stopped farmers having forced buyouts of their land for the sake of the Singapore Army.”

“The people of Australia are tired of the two major parties not listening to their needs and instead only looking after big business and party donors.”

One Nation has also successfully shared the balance-of-power in the Western Australian state parliament with two other minor parties.

“The Labor Premier of Western Australia and Coalition Prime Minister have both acknowledged they’ve had a good working relationship with One Nation and have continued to achieve positive outcomes for the country,” Senator Hanson said.

“There’s not a great deal of common sense left in politics these days, so I’m pleased to see One Nation keeping a finger on the pulse and standing up for the issues that matter to everyday Australians.

One Nation will run candidates in both Senate and Lower House seats across the country with Senator Hanson warning both major parties to expect her in towns they refuse to visit.

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  1. cliff farrell
    cliff farrell says:

    Our so called Leaders and their parties have truly lost the plot. They don’t care about Australians anymore. I wish you the best of luck at next election, we need more people like you who just wants Australia, Australian again.

    • NoJustice
      NoJustice says:

      Cliff, have they ever really cared?
      I don’t think so.
      At least, that’s the evidence spanning the decades, not just years
      I am shocked that generations of voters have lived and died on false promises and still blindly accept the lies of major parties.
      The evidence is ….
      Where I live, we have next to nothing.
      No doctor, no real facilities etc etc.

  2. Crab
    Crab says:

    Pauline got my vote last time and she will get it again. All of One nation policies are exactly what I would want so it’s a done deal.

    Pauline after the George PELL abuse scandal in the catholic church please considered putting a blanket ban on all unaccompanied minors in places of worship in the country. Religion is forced onto minors before they are are old enough to consent to this and the brain is not fully developed.

    It would also protect minors in places of worship from being abused or radicalized.

  3. michael davies
    michael davies says:

    Pauline has my vote she is spot on about so many issues. Unemployment because of to many overseas workers. You need to look after the Australian people first like she has always said.Vote one nation and see what Pauline has can do She has already done some much.

  4. Brenda shepherd
    Brenda shepherd says:

    I have a lot of admiration for Pauline Hanson, She is a fighter and has genuine concern for the Australian People ,
    It”s evident she causes concern from the opposition political parties
    Every bit of dirt they can manage to dig up and throw at her and amazingly how its very near to the federal election,
    Stay strong Pauline their is so many people who have faith in you ,

    • Lee
      Lee says:

      I found it disgusting for channel 9 to put one nation through the ringer, with the strip club fiasco… old news.
      It’s obvious someone behind the media powers are trying to de-rail your presence on the campaign trail.

      Got my vote

  5. Seagull
    Seagull says:

    Not all Aussies are blinded by the garbage spouted by the media here. Pauline is one policition who genuinely cares about the welfare of Australia and Australians. Can you say that about any other politicians? I think not. You have my vote and always will. Never give up!

  6. Jen
    Jen says:

    I think it is disgusting the way Pauline is victimised for the actions of her party members especially when they only did what most men have done, attend a strip club big deal. Despite the negative media I think One Nation will be strongly supported by the public in the coming election. You most definitely have my vote!!

  7. Kim feint
    Kim feint says:

    So sick of the condescending people on media and politics,this lady is honest and isn’t a condescending creep,she may not be articulate and smooth but she is gutsy,truthful and tenacious,go Pauline you are still supported and appreciated.

    • Daryll
      Daryll says:

      Kim, I love your comment ” gutsy, truthful and tenacious”

      I would love a
      corflute with her pic and with the words underneath saying

      “GIVE HER A GO”

  8. Steven
    Steven says:

    After watching Senator Pauline Hanson’s interview with A Current Affair, the absolute betrayal from one of her own candidates and the raw emotion she showed giving her explanations, we felt such compassion for her honesty; which Pauline is always.

    Most of the Australian voting public can see that this whole documentary “leaking” is a carefully orchestrated fabrication to bring down a political party they are terribly afraid of.

    To be betrayed by one of your own party members is appalling and deceitful, something which Pauline as leader should have been informed of, but wasn’t ! Can we blame her for that betrayal ? No !

    But what we can do as voters, is ensure that the intentional damage these people wanted to achieve has the opposite effect, and catapults One Nation into a position of political power; the very thing political parties across the nation are so worried about !

  9. Sharon Attard
    Sharon Attard says:

    This just makes me more certain that I will most certainly be supporting Pauline and one nation. Stay strong Pauline you have a lot of supporters.

  10. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    Your support of ADF former and current serving personnel and our farmers is very much appreciated and now that I am in my 60s I am certainly looking for someone who has my best interests at heart as you do. Stay strong and keep the bastards honest!

  11. Mark
    Mark says:

    Good on you Pauline keep the underhanded lying and I would say some what corrupt bastards honest.
    You’ve had my vote in the past and you’ll get mine this election.
    Keep up the good work and don’t let them lead you on a downward spiral into their self serving ways.

  12. One Nation
    One Nation says:

    The Main Stream Media is the enemy of the people. They will lie and set the narrative to alter your mind in their favor. They have been taken over by globalists who’s agenda is to control and manipulate anyone who pays attention to the Propoganda machine (TV). It’s a small club and we the people are not in it. They are the ones who think for the you, as we the people are too lazy or tired to search for the real news. To scared to talk to others about things that are important for the country or for our safety due to fear and scared of what others may think. This is our country and we need to take it back. VOTE One Nation.

  13. Andrea Davis
    Andrea Davis says:

    Pauline has had my vote for the past three times I’ve voted. I trust her and I want her to continue to keep asking the question and getting to the truth. The other two parties are lead by absolute money hungry, pension grabbing idiots.

  14. Rienzie Weeratunge
    Rienzie Weeratunge says:

    Me and my family been in Australia just over 6 years but I realize that compared to other politicians , what Pauline Hansen says makes sense and more practical as a matter of fact my first Australian vote went to First Nation. I am hoping to do the same in the future for a secure Australia.

  15. Debbie Galiatsatos
    Debbie Galiatsatos says:

    I am a proud supporter and volunteer worker for One Nation. I also have a legal background.
    It is the duty of every patriotic Australian citizen nationwide to do your part in showing support by making a contribution in anyway you can.
    Keep in mind that at universities across Australia there is an ideological warfare of ultra-left radical Islamic and communist ideologies by such anarchist organisations such as Antifa and the Socialist Alliance who also use reverse racism, abuse freedom of speech and political correctness as a weapon as against us, when in actual fact these anarchists are committing treason and sedition against the constitution and should therefore either be deported or stripped of their citizenship.
    One Nation must be vigilant, resourceful and brave. One nation must also be diplomatic when seeking alliances. It must also adopt a higher level of scruinty towards it’s selection criteria of political candidates.
    Don’t get emotional and stop wasting time worrying about things or complaining..the time has come for you to act and join patriots like myself by actually doing something about it. We owe it to our veterans, to our constitution and to the flag and for the future truly understand and appreciate what it means to be an Australian regardless of you’re background🇦🇺.
    I have had many tell me that I should run as a candidate for One Nation..God help my opponents if I decided to.


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