Pauline Hanson speaks with Imam Tawhidi about Muslim issues facing Australia

Imam Tawhidi has been an outspoken Muslim leader over problems the world faces with radical Islam.He took the time out to visit me in Brisbane and have a very open and frank discussion about One Nation policies on Islam, how Australia can prevent radicals being granted access to our shores and how to keep our nation safe.It's a long interview, but you will learn a very surprising fact on where Australia's biggest mosque is.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Imam #Tawhidi #Australia #Islam #Brisbane

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Thursday, May 17, 2018

Pauline Interviews Imam Tawhidi

Imam Tawhidi has been an outspoken Muslim leader over problems the world faces with radical Islam.

He took the time out to visit me in Brisbane and have a very open and frank discussion about One Nation policies on Islam, how Australia can prevent radicals being granted access to our shores and how to keep our nation safe.

It’s a long interview, but you will learn a very surprising fact on where Australia’s biggest mosque is.

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  1. Sarah Lesley
    Sarah Lesley says:

    A very interesting conversation. I learnt a few things I didn’t know. Wonderful to see an Imam agreeing that our borders need protection to keep Australia safe from those who would do us harm.

  2. Peter Ritty
    Peter Ritty says:

    Sorry Pauline.
    Do not be misled or fooled
    The White Australia Policy was the best. Think of the Anzacs.
    Multiculturasim is never going to be.
    Africans ,Indians and Muslims etc without our culture should not be allowed. Try going to their countries and see how far you get.
    Why should I take off my hat going through security and be told the Muslims are excempt re their religious beliefs.

  3. Wendy
    Wendy says:

    So pleased to see Pauline talking to Imam Tawhidi. He is a man of peace, and I am excited that there maybe hope for Australia with him supporting One Nation. We need information from those who totally understand the issues.
    Great interview and with honesty.

  4. Ingvanye Vanyarin ↗️ (@IngVanyarin)
    Ingvanye Vanyarin ↗️ (@IngVanyarin) says:

    Imam Tawhidi is a good bloke. Turnbull and Shorten are self-interested and have no care for the people of Australia – and as for the Greens – they are enemies of Australia.

  5. John McDermott
    John McDermott says:

    Good move Pauline – very astute – This chap can give you the right insight and interpretations on how to avoid the PC traps that Bankster Turnbull, and Marxists Shorten and De Natali are only to willing to push you into. They are Globalist puppets and their controllers are very powerful in the NWO. Divide and conquer the people of each nation so that they are no longer sovereign. Australia is a prime target – an excellent social engineering laboratory.
    Come on Pauline, come on, come on. (to the tune of Come on Aussie, come on come on)

  6. Elizabeth Farina
    Elizabeth Farina says:

    Fantastic!! Your concerns are vindicated. He will be valuable to help you plan policy around the management of any Muslim issue. A reasonable and brave man.

  7. Steve Hazelton
    Steve Hazelton says:

    Pauline you are my true hero.
    You give me hope to wake every morning, our current so called leaders are what i call spineless and gutless and really don’t care about our country.

    Keep up the good work you have shown you are a fighter when they tried to shut you up and now you have bounced back bigger and better, you are a Aussie legend.
    If i ever meet you would love to buy you a beer.

    Best Regards Steve.

  8. Jan MILNE
    Jan MILNE says:

    Be very Careful Be very Wary with whom you trust. All that Glitters is not Gold. You are doing your best to let Australians know what is going on behind the scenes x thank you for your dedication to The Truth of the matters x

  9. Rachelle
    Rachelle says:

    I 100% agree, I have wonderful Muslim friends who are so Australian. As you know I have been uncover in the Muslim community. I have found amazing Men and woman who also think like this leader. My Muslim friends wife wears bikinis, they have BBQs and love life.. they are not like the ones on tv creating drama. They feel the same as us when they see them. My Muslim friends work hard and are not on centre link they remind me of the Italians these guys work hard and built their own homes. Before I did this.. I was anti Muslim far right. Now I will defend the good ones because I have seen them with my own eyes.

  10. Geoff Schleehauf
    Geoff Schleehauf says:

    I understand what you are trying to achieve, but Al Grasby and Gough Whitlam started the rot in Australia by getting rid of the white Australia policy. When the Libs joined the Labor Party and Greens in betraying the Australian people, they lost any support that I had previously given. John Howard must have seen the writing on the wall by stealing our weapons from us and providing a population that is unable to defend themselves from the Globalist plans we now see unfolding. In a book titles, “Last Chance” it was highlighted that Australia and New Zealand would be used to perfect their policies before thrusting it upon the rest of the world.

      • Reg Boyce
        Reg Boyce says:

        Send Shorten and Turnbull on a compulsory years stay in Iran to see first hand what the Iranian radicals want to turn Australia into.
        Or force them to read the excellent book “The people versus Mohammed” This factual read will make them realise what influence a sixth century political dictator can still have in the twenty first.
        With the weak politicians that govern the Western civilised world now, we are truly doomed.
        All strength and support to Pauline Hanson. She really is our only hope to maintain our freedom and choice of life.

    • Rick T.,
      Rick T., says:

      John Howard DID NOT STEAL our FIREARMS from us – Get your facts straight mate… I still have mine – 12 in fact! All registered too! However, he did make it bloody hard and difficult to register them – and especially created the requirement that self-defense was not a legitimate reason to own a firearm.
      Please note – “Weapons” are used in a military sense or the term is used when something is being used to assault another human being…NOT NECESSARILY a FIREARM.
      However, apart from that, your post is spot on!

  11. Tom Gosling
    Tom Gosling says:

    I like the complexity that you have brought out in this interview. It’s so easy to just classify all Muslims the same way but Imam Tawhidi shows how different they can be. It’s great that you are bringing this subject into debate rather than the all-embracing Turnbull model of bringing the Mufti into the tent regardless of his odious views. There needs to be much more discussion along these lines, and it’s fantastic that you are leading the way. The Imam is a great guy. It was fascinating to see the ABC’s Background Briefing do their utmost to do a character assassination on him.

  12. Jesse Hughes
    Jesse Hughes says:

    I truly believe there are a very small few of Muslims that are ready to commit violence.
    However there is a vast amount ready to live off benefits of the from all the rest of us taxpayers, who cant afford to enjoy the weekend anymore because of rising financial strains.
    No doubt these people come from shite countries with bad government but we should not allow them to change ours!!!!!

    • Rick T.,
      Rick T., says:

      Jesse…I suggest you take a few moments of your precious time and read the pertinent parts of the Koran… I think you’ll change your mind about “few Muslims ready to commit violence” – particularly if they are “good” Muslims!

  13. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    We have an influx of Salafist mosques and radical Wahhabist Imams on the Southside of Brisbane, and in Logan, in particular Slacks Creek Mosque, Kuraby Mosque, the prayer hall in Moorooka, and the mosque in Arundel. The Imam in Slacks Creek, Akram Buksh is a proud supporter of Hizb ut-Tahrir, and has spoken at conferences for them before. Ali Kadri is spokesperson for Muslims in Queensland and consorts with the radical/devout Muslims to further their cause. He needs to be investigated. He is smooth and has been appointed to a number of ridiculous government groups thanks to that moron, Grace Grace, including the Multicultural Advisory Council of Queensland. Ali Kadri runs the Queensland Islamic Society (of course a “charity”), and has a Ramadan setup in Garden City in Mt Gravatt to use as subtle dawah on the masses.

    Akram Buksh and the Slacks Creek Mosque are involved in running illegal boys boarding madrassahs. There was one running on acreage in Runcorn, and now there is one operating in Karawatha. The Council have been notified. Luke Smith, Mayor of Logan City Council dismissed the illegal madrassah as being in Brisbane and not Logan. It turns out that Luke Smith was receiving “donations” from a Muslim that were not declared in his election campaign. The CCC uncovered the “donations”.

    We have a problem. We have moronic Labor MPs visiting known radical mosques and being photographed in the paper, Councils making claims that they are unaware of the madrassahs, and then saying when they do investigate that the adults on the premises of these madrasahs make claims that the kids are all siblings and because of multiple marriages in the Islamic community, Council are unable to act.

    Incidentally, the madrasahs are teaching the kids how to implement Sharia Law in Australia at a later date.

    Turnbull and Shorten are fools if they think deradicalistion through the Muslim community works. There is no such thing as a radical in Salafi or Wahhabi Islam, only “Devout” followers.

    Imam Tawhidi is correct in saying the burqa is a fundamentalist dress. So is the niqab. Take one look at the women in footage when anti terror raids were carried out.

    Australia has a problem. The Southside of Brisbane and Logan has a problem. We need to stop these enclaves and cesspits.

    • Rick T.,
      Rick T., says:

      Hooray! Someone who actually knows what he’s talking about! It’s a pity more folk don’t know or understand…They will, of course, when it’s too late!

  14. Wayne Short
    Wayne Short says:

    A very good interview confronting some real issues instead of pandering to the doo-gooders that are doing their best to destroy everything our Anzacs fought for. Well done Pauline.

  15. tom-paul
    tom-paul says:

    Pauline, So many Australians think like you. The Australian Government is being raped and laughed at and the present government knows this and doesnt admit it just to suck up to the muslim countries. Something is so wrong. Pauline you are SPOT ON with your views and the silent MAJORITY WILL VOTE FOR YOU! They better or Australia is going down in a bad way. Thank you PAULINE HANSON…

  16. Lyn Bennetts
    Lyn Bennetts says:

    A brilliant interview with an Imam on the topics you raised Pauline, you really need to get this out to the people so they know what is going on as well.

  17. Dorothy Wright
    Dorothy Wright says:

    If we could eliminate preferential voting
    The people would be listened to and globalisation would not interfere with our country
    Maybe Pauline would Prime Minister

  18. john mackenzie
    john mackenzie says:

    Lyn Bennetts top marks, Pauline I have yet to find anyone who disagree’s with your policy’s . the four wives eleven children ! know wonder they see Centrelink, as the new big mosk. this is what Australians should be told about. John Mackenzie

  19. Alan Rawnsley
    Alan Rawnsley says:

    Multicultureisam is the greatist mistake the United Nations has ever coned our government to do we want a Referendom to make the Decision not the PARACITE pollies

  20. Frieda
    Frieda says:

    Awesome .interview
    Time for turnaround
    .we are praying for you and your party .Pauline.Honesty .Truth passion .winner . In JESUS NAME .AMEN .



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