Adam Giles questions Pauline Hanson on her views on Aboriginals

Yesterday afternoon, former NT Chief Minister Adam Giles asked Pauline Hanson "What is her policy and views on indigenous Australians".You be the judge if her views are racist.#Auspol #OneNation #PaulineHanson #AdamGiles #SkyNews #Australia #Aboriginal #Views #HaveYourSay

Posted by Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party on Sunday, November 4, 2018

Pauline Lays Out Indigenous Policy, Racist?

Former NT Chief Minister Adam Giles asked Pauline Hanson “What is her policy and views on indigenous Australians”.

You be the judge if her views are racist.

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    • Ang
      Ang says:

      We are all equal, and we need to work together as one for the benefit of all. That’s what she’s saying. I don’t believe she is racist.

    • Peter Fletcher
      Peter Fletcher says:

      I agree Ian shes fighting for all Australians.. and its great to see all the wonderful support from Australians far and wide

  1. Kevin Dickinson
    Kevin Dickinson says:

    What a breath of fresh air. I have always liked Pauline’s way of speaking the truth from the hip and meaning what she says. To tip toe through such a question would lead to a slip up somewhere along the way. Spoken truthfully and honestly there is no hidden meaning or bs, just good facts. Well done again.

  2. David Wilesmith
    David Wilesmith says:

    It’s the current government dividing the nation. The racist card is over played these days. If everyone is equal well should all be treated as so. What’s this bs about a fishing license for white Australians? Just one example.

  3. Tony Ryan
    Tony Ryan says:

    To be paid taxpayer’s money purely on the basis of race, is pure racism. It does not matter if one’s genetic background is Chinese, French, Scottish, Aboriginal or English, to provide financial advantage on the basis of race or skin colour is racism. That is why the world opposed South African apartheid and US repression of African Americans.

    What IS the most serious issue for NT Aborigines is that they are denied the most important basic human right… which is to be able to engage in dialogue with government in their own language..

    In the NT, 90% of Aborigines speak their own language first, then other local languages, mainly of extended family. English is a third, fifth, or even seventh language. In fact, the vast majority of NT Aborigines do not understand mainstream English except for a few words, and even these have meanings shaped by their culture. Yet this is the language with which government and experts insist on talking to them. Consequently, almost no NT Aborigines know about why certain foods are killing them; why certain behavior spreads fatal diseases; or how many poisons occur in food and their domestic environment.

    Incredibly… doctors, nurses, educators, politicians, bureaucrats, miscellaneous experts, and do-gooders, call for more spending to make this terminal stupidity ever-more spectacular.

    NT Aborigines are the first people in the world to die from genocidal stupidity and linguistic oppression.

    • Kevin Bowring
      Kevin Bowring says:

      Hi Tony, having worked in Aboriginal Communities in the NT and the Kimberley,
      may I say that language is not the problem. It is my belief that the transition from Aboriginal Tribal culture – to a modern Australian culture (it was going to happen no matter who “Invaded/Settled” Australia) was handled poorly. Missionaries laid the foundation for a peaceful transition – then Politicians became involved, first with the “Sit Down” at Wattie Creek, and then more agressively with a Policy of pouring money into Aboriginal Communities (Communities, often with more than one Tribe, which had to move on from fighting each other, to living together, and often hating it.) without giving them the tools,(education) to use the money as Europeans would. (Europeans are born with into family which knows about “Saving money” about “making the best use of money”, how to build a future, about “Work Ethic” and most of all ensuring their children learn how to make the best of their lives in a rapidly changing world). It is also my belief that they never understood anything about Communal living, or working together, and are terribly hampered by parts of their “Culture” which is at the heart of raping children, beating and dehumanising women, a life of crime for young boys and men….There are Aboriginal Leaders like Warren Mundine and Jacinta Price, excellent Leaders, who can with the right assistance, bring their people out of the “Bush” and into the “Light”, but are hampered by the Socialist side of Politics, which sees the Aboriginal, merely as a “Locked in Voter” while ever they keep pouring money in, and praising “Aboriginal Culture”.

  4. Ragnar
    Ragnar says:

    Pauline Hanson is outstanding. She can take it on the chin and still continues with her dignity intact. What an inspiration. Only God Himself, no matter what religion one practices, has a connection to this country and the planet in the full meaning of the word, like every other celestial body. We are all equal in the eyes of God and we are His guests and the onus is on us to treat each other, our country and our planet with respect.

  5. Ingrid Hall
    Ingrid Hall says:

    We are all blessed to be called Australian, and the truth is that most of us would not even be here if the English had not taken up post in Australia and that especially includes half Aboriginals who would not even exit today if it had not been the case. Truth is truth and what I love about Pauline is that she speaks the truth as she sees it. She is a person of integrity something which is so rare in the political realm these days. She has grown so much since she first stepped out on the political stage. All I want to say to Pauline now is Go Girl….Go! Keep up the good work.

  6. Judy
    Judy says:

    Pauline is a Proud Australia and has always called for “Equality” Pauline has always stated ‘everyone is equal and welfare should be given on a ‘Needs basis’, not based on the colour of ones skin. There is “racism” in this country against anyone who is NOT aboriginal. We should not have to ‘tick the box’ when we complete any, particularly government forms, asking if we are Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

  7. Kevin Bowring
    Kevin Bowring says:

    My Wife and I worked for Arnhemland Progress Association, running Aboriginal stores in the NT and the Kimberley – (Nguiu/Bathurst Island, Turkey Creek/Warmun and Noonkanbah) when we sold our business due to the “recession We had to have/Keating in the late 80’s” and saw first hand the mess created after the “Sit down at Wattie Creek” by a Government that no doubt meant well, but by adopting a policy of Aboriginal Victimhood, laid the foundation for the ongoing division between Aboriginal people, and the rest of the Australia. Pauline is absolutely correct, and I have to say that Leaders of Aboriginal origin such as Warren Mundine, who is a man of great stature and integrity, are the best hope for a united Australia, if they are ever given the chance. Congratulations One Nation on bringing Mark Latham into the fold, I like his honesty, and his vision for this Country….Get out of Paris, and the abominable Immigration Compact with the UN. The inception of the United Nations was a wonderful vision. Avaricious Politicians have screwed it up….

  8. Cheryl Ford
    Cheryl Ford says:

    To want to help one another and rise above is in No way Racist or Predgedist but the Aboriginal Race must stop believing that they are the only ones on this land where they should belong to not part but All of it this appears to be their argument every time.

  9. Annette Field
    Annette Field says:

    I am a country Aussie, from Cootamundra NSW, who relates to what Pauline says. I’m so tired of being made to feel I’m racist for having the opinion that certain people just don’t fit into the Australian way of life. It’s just a fact of reality! I support you and believe Mark Latham is a great fit for the party. I am excited for our future and the future of Australia. Keep saying what I think!

    • Margaret Holmes
      Margaret Holmes says:

      I heard Pauline Hanson maiden speech and I’ve never believed her to be racist ever. I could never understand what they were all talking about after she made the speech. If anything I thought she was very nervous about this new step in her life and I felt she needed someone with a bit of nous to write her speeches with her and help her with diction and delivery. But apart from that she listens to the people and she understands what they need and want plus she’s honest. I hope she can find someone reliable down here in Victoria to represent the one nation party for the next election as we sorely need her policies. I was very disappointed after last week when the same sorry band of thieves were voted back in.

  10. Thomas Brown
    Thomas Brown says:

    Pauline and your team you are our hope, you have all the qualities Australia needs to bring Australia back to what was.

  11. George Jedlicka
    George Jedlicka says:

    Pauline you are our only hope to make Australia great again I’m sure that ONE NATION with yourself and Mark at the front will score big time this time around!!! I wish I could tick a thousand boxes to get you guys in !! Thumbs up you CAN DO IT👍


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