Pauline Hanson moves to ban the burqa in Australia

More and more countries across the globe are banning the burqa, including muslim nations. When parliament returns after the winter break, I'll be pushing forward with legislation to have our federal parliament ban the burqa also.In the past week, the Dutch have finally passed laws banning the burqa which will build greater social cohession, improve security and remove the suppression of women.Netherlands joins France, Belgium, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and the Congo to name a few who have also banned the burqa.It's time Australia moves in the same direction to remove this radical and suppressive garb.Share if you support my efforts to ban the burqa and be sure to contact your local member to tell them how you'd like them to vote.#Auspol #Canberra #OneNation #PaulineHanson #Liberal #Labor #TheGreens

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Sunday, July 1, 2018

Pauline Pushes to Ban Burqa

More and more countries across the globe are banning the burqa, including muslim nations. When parliament returns after the winter break, I’ll be pushing forward with legislation to have our federal parliament ban the burqa also.

In the past week, the Dutch have finally passed laws banning the burqa which will build greater social cohession, improve security and remove the suppression of women.

Netherlands joins France, Belgium, Chad, Cameroon, Niger and the Congo to name a few who have also banned the burqa.

It’s time Australia moves in the same direction to remove this radical and suppressive garb.

Share if you support my efforts to ban the burqa and be sure to contact your local member to tell them how you’d like them to vote.

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  1. Tim
    Tim says:

    I agree completely. You can’t wear a motorcycle helmet or any other face covering into a service station or bank – why is a Burka ok?

    • Valerie Januschka
      Valerie Januschka says:

      I agree Tim, There is no other way to say it, Discrimination! Just what is concealed under the Burka?

  2. Sadie Mehan
    Sadie Mehan says:

    As a women the Burqa is confronting & should not be accepted here in Australia, we should be looking to remove the Burqa to improve security and remove the suppression of women & stop Intimidation. go Pauline 🙂

  3. Colin
    Colin says:

    I agree it should have never been allowed in the first place. This country has become a soft target and we are being taken advantage of by this radical organisation. 100% behind you Pauline. Colin

  4. allen finn
    allen finn says:

    that is good Pauline i cant go into a bank with my crash helmet on because it covers my face, so why should they.

  5. Allan
    Allan says:


    Totally agree – this is not our custom – they should respect our traditions.
    Especially with terrorist laws being implemented – this should be one of them for all our safety.

  6. valda purvis
    valda purvis says:

    Pauline as you know it’s not only the burqa,why does our government allow into our mainly Christian country an ideology that is against everything most Australians believe in and against Australian law burt allowed because of multiculturalism? polygamy,segregation of women etc i lived in the Bankstown and Padstow area for 70 odd years ,I now live in QLD.I saw many changes ,not for the better,Malcolm Turnbull knows exactly what he is doing and it’s not for the good of Australia and us,anyway banning the burqa is a start,stopping migration is next hopefully,all the best .valda.

  7. Grant Mitchell Spork
    Grant Mitchell Spork says:

    I have relatives and friends who traveled in Iraq, Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan in the 1970’s and the Burqa and Hijab were only worn in the poorer and remotest regions. The wearing of full face covering for women is closely associated with ISIL and the Taliban and Muslim fundamentalism. As far as I am concerned if you want to ware face covering in public then don’t come to Australia. Head coverings should be allowed in the case of acid attacks and disfigurement which has occurred in India and Pakistan with a medical certificate. Full face covering of Males with hoods etc should also be banned.

  8. Mick O'Gorman
    Mick O'Gorman says:

    Again…. a politician who is actually concerned about our values and safety and is preparred to speak out! Lucky we aren’t in England or you would be arrested like our beloved Tommy Robinson! You go girl!

  9. John Ingham
    John Ingham says:

    Go for them all Pauline, we are 100% with you also has anything being done about Halal food labelling, I don’t want to pay any amount to a cult I strongly reject.

    • Bruni Brewin
      Bruni Brewin says:

      I am with you John. Chocolate no longer tastes like chocolate. Someone told me they use goats milk instead of full cream cows milk. To be honest, the latest taste has weaned me off chocolate which is of huge benefit not only to our health but also to the slave labour of cows who have their baby’s taken away from them straight after birth. Can you imagine how we might feel if that happens to us? But I want to know what I am eating – GMO foods should be included instead of legislation allowing producers to hide that.

      • Judith Thorn
        Judith Thorn says:

        I am with you Pauline how do we know who it is underneath this Burqa thats how Osama Bin Ladin got out to hide.Ban all this rot I wouldn’t bring them here in the first place.They live off us Australians and don’t work and are allowedcto build Mosques where they teach young children to be terrorists.

  10. Peter Ortmueller
    Peter Ortmueller says:

    I am totally against the burwa as well. It is ethnic group of people forcing their way of life on us. They come to our country and should respect our way of life and not change it. We wouldn’t have that privilege in their country trying to force our rules onto them. ‘When your in Rome’s scenario.

  11. Colin Butt
    Colin Butt says:

    If I walked into a business with a mask on, the police would be there ever so fast, dur what’s going on, it’s not rocket science.

  12. Bruni Brewin
    Bruni Brewin says:

    Who said; “When in Rome, do as the Roman’s do”? If I go to another country I expect to assimilate to their customs. I have seen some women writing that there is nothing in their Religious books that says women have to wear the burka. If you flee a country for your own safety, then the customs of the country that houses you become your new law. If you wish to stay, you become an Australian.

  13. John Rimmer
    John Rimmer says:

    I agree totally the burka has no place in our Christian Country their laws are totally against a Christian society that is why all mosques should be closed you cannot trust them

  14. John
    John says:

    Islam is a pox on humanity. It should be discussed and criticized at every opportunity. Women are being beaten,tortured or murdered around the world for not wearing burkha/niqab. Banning islamic face coverings is good…but banning islam is better.

  15. Steve C
    Steve C says:

    Support you 100% on this. No place in Australia for the burqa or Halal food labelling, I don’t want to support a cult I strongly reject..

  16. Kathy Rikkerink
    Kathy Rikkerink says:

    Behind you Pauline, 100%.
    I bet all those politically correct morons wished they had listened to you 20 years ago.
    My gut tells me One Nation’s time is about to, soar. The people are finally waking up.

  17. Severino Serena
    Severino Serena says:

    It was time to ban the burqa around the globe. Hope will happen here in Australia as well.
    Banning the burqa, is not just banning an item of oppression, It is also to say: “Dead
    people are not allowed to rule the living in Australia.” So it will be in all the Country will ban it.
    Good luck Pauline, you are one of us. Will be with you for a new fair Australia for all.

  18. Harry Shannon
    Harry Shannon says:

    Good on you Pauline . I have a good Muslim friend , a Pharmacist , who tells me That all this covering up rubbish has nothing at all to do with the Koran , it was the intelligent thing to do , cover up during a sandstorm , nothing more basic than that . Unfortunately is used by men to subsegate their women . We are so stupid in this country allowing people board aircraft covered , cold easily be a suicide bomber , male or female . What about our queer friend Alan Joyce , banning pork on all Qantas flights either going to , or overflying a Muslim country .I am a Qantas shareholder & next I fly Qantas ( shocking food & cabin service ) I will demand Pork In a loud voice! Best regards Pauline , One Nation member , Ballina NSW . Harry Shannon.

  19. Greg Dowse
    Greg Dowse says:

    Well done Pauline you are a National Treasure to be sure ban the Burqa Ban the radicals who have ruined our country and ban the weak do-gooders who are responsible for this mess I fear it is already too late.

  20. Lionel r Young
    Lionel r Young says:

    Yes its not about racism its about this religion that supports this type supression of women and the so called child marriages and this mulitple wives rip off our government needs to wake up and start to outlaw it full stop .

  21. Lionel r Young
    Lionel r Young says:

    I vote you for PM Pauline we need some stronger government in our country before they give it all away this lot .

  22. Eric
    Eric says:

    It is a reminder of Islamic subjugation of women and men and a clear signal of who is in control and the gradual introduction of Sharia law creeping ever so gently in our society.
    Islam is spreading ( see Europe ) and must be halted in Western societies.
    In some countries like Sweden the cost of managing immigration is higher than their defence budget.
    There are about 50 or so areas in Sweden where even the Police are really careful when they go in with predominantly African and Middle east residents / ghettoes.
    We should help those that are in need but we alone or the West cannot solve all the World problems created by corrupt governments in other countries
    The West tolerance is being tested and I fear for the future if Islamic colonisation continues.

  23. Rick T.,
    Rick T., says:

    They shouldn’t ave been allowed to wear this ridiculous and oppressive garb here in the first place!
    Go, Pauline – me and my family and all our friends are behind you!
    One Nation leads the way!!!

    • Lois Hansford
      Lois Hansford says:

      I agree the burka should be banned in Australia. If I was to visit another country I would abide by their customs, So when you live in Australia you abide by our customs. Ban the Burka.;
      ‘Go Pauline
      You are the voice of Australian People. Good Luck

  24. Jim
    Jim says:

    I totally agree with Pauline and all the comments that have been made BAN THE BURQA its a terrorist threat you don’t know who is behind it could be a male
    and who can tell. Bring it on as soon as possible.

  25. Bill
    Bill says:

    Bill C
    Pauline you are a breath of fresh Air
    We support you and vote for you.
    Don’t get like too many before you who spoke the truth and the only tow the party line
    Stay straight and true

  26. Ian Mckinnon
    Ian Mckinnon says:

    Hope you can get this in but knowing our gutless government they won’t do in case they hurt someone’s feelings not to mention what would be best for our country

  27. Alan Webb
    Alan Webb says:

    Ban the burqa will he the first on the list. Ban Halal, One wife only. No more mosques. Bad behaviour – send the whole family back to country of origin. We don’t want Australia to follow the UK. Demand integration, stop appeasement of any form.

  28. Robert B
    Robert B says:

    This agenda needs to be one of Australia’s first priorities towards having a safe and secure environment, the garment is loose enough to hide weapons or explosives, even it weren’t so these persons have the freedom to go undertected, a perfect alibi , hiding their identity from the public with a chance of a possible fatal outcome. Imagine walking into a bank with a balaclava on completely covered up, do you think there’s a potential risk this being the case.

    Nothing to do with religion all to do with self preservation

  29. Daphne brown
    Daphne brown says:

    Don,t back down pauline we need you to stand for usan you are doeing the right thing for australia we won,t our country back ban the burka an there is only one reliagn an one god xxxlove you

  30. David
    David says:

    Well done agree 100%. Next up no PR for at least 5 years and no entitlement to a pension until you have been in the country for 25 years. I find it amazing that immigrants can get the full pension after just 10 years (upon reaching 65). Watch out for a massive blow out in pension payments down the track.

  31. Alan bartlett
    Alan bartlett says:

    90% of people agree that the burka is nothing more than the wearers objection to Australia’s way of life , either she accept our culture or return to the country that accepts the burka

  32. andrew whitney
    andrew whitney says:

    Thanks Pauline for standing up to ban the burka. I believe others such as Rise Up Australia, ALA, Australian Conservatives and others support you too in this regard.
    I wrote a scathing letter to Big, Bad, Beasty, Bully, Bully Bulldog George Brandis after he was nearly in tears in mock outrage after Pauline demonstrated the wearing of a full covering burka in Parliament. Brilliant idea and really got the message across!

    STAN BEATTIE says:

    imagine-if everyone wore a burqa what would the place look like——————————BLOODY SPOOKY

  34. J
    J says:

    I agree totally with you but I don’t think it is enough. Any clothing that is not Australian should be banned. Also speaking different languages in public should be banned.
    I think doing this will help people mix in with Australian people.

  35. Stella
    Stella says:

    People come here to live must respect our Christian way of living. If we can’t wear helmet into any building, why wearing burka is allowed into building? If wearing burka is their culture, then they should move to a country that insist wearing burka.
    It’s time our Politicians to show they have backbone, not to insult our citizens.
    When we travel in a Muslim country, we would cover up, as a matter of respect to their religious.
    To other politicians, stand up, be a leader, not a follewers.
    Congratulations Pauline.

  36. Margaret Holmes
    Margaret Holmes says:

    It’s definitely time to ban the burqa and any other face and head coverings. This outdated garb has no place in any western society or anywhere else in the world. Also, I’d like to pressure our government to stop any more muslim migration to Australia, no matter what the circumstances. Shut the gate now and forever. They do not assimilate and they’re draining centrelink dry. I’d also like to see Peter Dutton step up the expulsion of any migrant or so called refugee who continues to break our laws wilfully . They have been given the chance of a lifetime to live in freedom and peace and if they are not going to do the right thing, turf them out. We have enough with our home grown criminals, without importing them from other countries.

  37. Argentuna Macri
    Argentuna Macri says:

    Go for it Pauline. I am glad that we have you to speak for us. People who do not wish to be part of our culture should stay in their our country. If we go to their country we are request to obey their culture or we risk to be punt in jail. It is unfair that they do what they want in their country and are also allowed to the the same here. Thank you again. We will be following your campaign all the nway

  38. Evan Filer
    Evan Filer says:

    There should be no need to be a debate about this subject cut and dry change the law now not tomorrow time for our politicians to grow a backbone.

  39. Shirley Blundell
    Shirley Blundell says:

    The burqua is not Australian dress, it covers the face and is a threat to our security and should be banned.


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