Labor MP Wants A Conversation to Change Name of Brisbane

A Labor Member in Queensland is happy to change the name of Brisbane to an Aboriginal name. Just last month we saw a push to change Gold Coast names to Aboriginal names also.When will this division end?With a federal election within the next 12 months, I'm really concerned no one from either major parties are prepared to stand up for what's right, particuarly Labor given Terri Butler's comments.#Auspol #PaulineHanson #OneNation #Brisbane #Queensland #Australia #Aboriginal #NameChange

Posted by Pauline Hanson's Please Explain on Saturday, May 12, 2018

PC Brigade To Change Name of Brisbane

A Labor Member in Queensland is happy to change the name of Brisbane to an Aboriginal name.

Just last month we saw a push to change Gold Coast names to Aboriginal names also.

When will this division end?

With a federal election within the next 12 months, I’m really concerned no one from either major parties are prepared to stand up for what’s right, particularly Labor given Terri Butler’s comments.

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  1. Geoff Schleehauf
    Geoff Schleehauf says:

    This is utter bullshit. It’s time we stopped bowing down to the minorities within our communities. If it wasn’t for the British settlement in this country and no other nation settled here, the aborigines would still be sitting or dancing in the dirt without settlement/cities. They are getting money and not many of them contribute to the country. It’s time our governments and the majority of the country told them and any other minority groups to pull their heads in. Our country has developed from the initial British settlement and other European settlers who have worked and fought for our rights and the beliefs we have. Wake up Australia and have a bit of guts like our forefathers demonstrated that they had.

  2. Samantha
    Samantha says:

    Gender free Driver’s Licences, Multicultural everything, gender fluid/pick a gender Birth Certificates, farmers not allowed to clear land, massive land clearing in South East Queensland for developments, Aboriginal Commonwealth Games ceremonies run by American firms, Taxi Drivers with no requirement to speak English, and now no requirement to have minimum proficiency in English at Queensland universities. What the hell is Labor doing to this State? We certainly need to drop The Smart State number plates off vehicles. We are being dumbed down by a bunch of rainbow warriors that consult themselves and not the broader community.

  3. Grant freeman
    Grant freeman says:

    Major cities having s name change!! It won’t stop there, the more we give and allow, the more they’ll want, everything will change to suit the minority groups and with it will come monetary compensation.this government has to stop saying their sorry and asking forgiveness.

  4. Troy Central Coast NSW
    Troy Central Coast NSW says:

    Great Idea Terri ! Lets rename Brisbane (and all the other major cities)? NO, NO, NO WAY !!!

    John Farnham in 1986 Sang “The Voice” the lyrics that come to mind are ‘we’re not going to live in silence, we’re not going to live in fear’. For me this is remiss of many Australian’s currently remaining quiet in fear of being deemed a racist while the following events have taken or are taking place:

    Ayer’s Rock – Renamed Uluru

    Christmas Decorations Removed from shopping centres & replaced with ‘Happy Holidays’ – so as not to offend others

    The National Anthem being sung / played at School assemblies – Some students walking out as they were offended

    Not standing up before the magistrate when in court when requested, as they only stand for their religious leader

    I become offended as every time I attending any public meeting or celebration – being asked to pay respect to the the traditional owners of the land. But must sit in silence so as not to be deemed racist (reverse racism?)

    What’s Next – Get rid of ?

    Anzac Day – as it offends
    Easter – as it offends other religeons
    Mothers Day – as it offends the LGTBI community

    As a non religious, heterosexual, business owning forth generation Australian paying $50,000.00 in tax every year, I feel the right to have ‘The Voice’ ??

    Our downhill future can be seen on YouTube “Modern Educayshun” misspelled on purpose

    • xavier
      xavier says:

      firstly, aboriginals never asked for help to be ‘developed’, they were invaded and colonised into doing so. They have lost their traditions, culture, languages and general way of life, and all u can say is, be grateful. We ask them to celebrate a day of their invasion as a national day, have some empathy please. We complain about Muslim extremists calling for sharia law in Australia, and rightly so because I do not was someone to try and change the way I live my life. Lets ask ourselves, did we not do the same to aborigines? whilst we can never make right the atrocities done to the natives, attempts to make amends are not a bad way to start. so before u spill your bile, please cogitate on this.

  5. Grace a joy
    Grace a joy says:

    Its only a division if you let it be. Socially we should be more tolerant I don’t see why the division? Unless you feel this place belongs to only European decent. Its more theirs than ours and as for ‘playing with sticks in the dirt’ their traditions are so ancient and complex we havnt even bothered to understand them. How to tend to this land sustainably and prevent wild fires being amongst their knowledge.


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