Peter Alexander gives in to political correctness

A piece of clothing stating 'BOYS WILL BE BOYS' has been removed from Peter Alexander stores this week after complaints that it was seen as 'sexist' and excusing boys of their behaviour. This completely innocent phrase has become yet another victim of PC madness. What are your thoughts, should this piece of clothing have been taken off the shelves?#PCMadness #politicalcorrectness #OneNation #Auspol #PeterAlexander #boyswillbeboys

Posted by Steve Dickson on Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Peter Alexander Buckles to Political Correctness

A piece of clothing stating ‘BOYS WILL BE BOYS’ has been removed from Peter Alexander stores this week after complaints that it was seen as ‘sexist’ and excusing boys of their behaviour.

This completely innocent phrase has become yet another victim of PC madness.

What are your thoughts, should this piece of clothing have been taken off the shelves?

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  1. Michael Freeman
    Michael Freeman says:

    All these leftards are going away too far !!! It’s to see how far they can push !! They should all simply drop dead lol

  2. Janet Saggus
    Janet Saggus says:

    This is sheer madness … by banning this statement that has been around for yonks THIS IS TELLING PEOPLE THAT EVERYTHING BOYS DO IS REALLY BAD … that is so wrong!!! Things that boys do are NOT ALL BAD!!!! My god, why are they trying to turn men into women and vice versa?? MEN AND WOMEN ARE DIFFERENT OR HASNT ANYONE NOTICED? .. STOP THIS CRAP NOW!!! I KNOW, I SURE AS HELL DONT WANT TO BE TREATED LIKE A MAN .. there are things men can do that women cant vice versa or will they be giving men wombs so they can have children just like a woman … thats where this idiocy is leading. People with too much spare time sit around thinking up these ludicrous things. Pisses me off no end. Keep selling your Tshirts.. i dont want boys to change. Tradies giving a nice girl a wolf whistle .. whats wrong with that? Thats how men and women are made. Janet

    • Bruni Brewin
      Bruni Brewin says:

      I read that they were already planning to do the first operation for the female component of the Gay relationship to have the first womb operation planted into the male counterpart if they haven’t already done that. I agree it is time we turn all this do-gooder crap around. Things should not be allowed to create change, unless you can significantly prove it is doing untold harm and damage.

    • John
      John says:

      If some one whistles at you, take it as a complement, smile and say thank you. Would you rather they say, hell you are ugly, and spew on your feet.

  3. Glenda McLachlan
    Glenda McLachlan says:

    Time to stop this gender nonsense.
    Boys are boys and girls are girls. If that offends then the person who is offended has an identity crisis and should not force it onto us. Deal with your issues because DNA cannot change.

  4. Ricardo Anasco
    Ricardo Anasco says:

    This is going crazy, must be a way to stop this people that have no life and have nothing to do, except create problems for everybody else, I am a wog and I don’t care if anybody call me bloody wog, wog, f….g wog, or what ever they like; I know what I am and that is that, like the old saying say Stick and Stones may brake my bones but names will never hurt me and that is the real thing on life, those things are the ones that form your character but above all is the character of Australia and if there is anybody that does not like it; there is another great thing in this beautiful country of ours and it FREEDOM the one that you can get off and go to ruin another country but get out of here ASAP. (sorry about my wog English). Ricardo

    • Bruni Brewin
      Bruni Brewin says:

      Ricardo, welcome to the club. I am a double-wog. I was taken to England at the age of 8 from Germany, then came to Australia with my husband from England to Australia in 1951. ‘POMME’ was one name that stood for Prisoner of Motherland England, or reference to the pomegranate fruit. ‘Bastard’ was a common endearment – it wasn’t meant to reflect that you were born out of wedlock. We managed to survive without whining about it. Today everything has you watching your P’s and Q’s. How does it change our character? As you say; “In no way’ as you are who you believe you are. Cyber bullying and name calling is now affecting so many kids who are ready to commit suicide. That is direct affront to a person and needs to stop as children are very insecure and have not yet formed their own self-image.

    • Adele Embrey
      Adele Embrey says:

      Hi Ricardo, I am very proud of you Wog Aussies. You are a mob of wonderful people. You helped build this wonderful country of ours.I agree with everything you say.These do gooder politicians need to take a back seat for a while and see how the great Aussie people do stuff instead of pushing there agenda. Trouble is it seems to be happening the world over though. The Government is too worried they will lose votes if they stop anything.I think they will get more votes if they stand up to these left wing dopes and get the country back to an even keel and stop the bull crap.Your wog English is perfect Mate. Adele

  5. Lindsay Hackett
    Lindsay Hackett says:

    This is just another of the strictures on Australian society perpetrated by the precious, ideological, warriors who are supported by the media for sensationalist reasons. These feminist aligned warriors can see no good between male and female. They refuse to accept that the sexes are different and have different wants. They fail to understand that their actions lead to tensions and indeed a breakdown in societal cohesion. No-one should support the notion that the statement “Boys will be boys” means that boys can do whatever they choose, anymore than “Girls will be girls” should be understood to mean girls are lesser beings. Where has the fun in life gone, the jocular, the ability to “take the mickey”?

  6. wendy
    wendy says:

    Apparently I’m being hysterical if I say frigin

    I’m meant to be a homophobic if I disagree with SSM but there is no such medical terminology ? If there was there would also be a heterosexual phobia which actually makes more sense if applied to women and men wanting to challenge their hormonal imbalance s
    Maybe religion should be governed by the same law as politics as it is just that, then we can stop practices being forced on our social and public environments ?

    I hated the term ‘ boys will be boys’ because it was always stated by lazy mothers who’s boys were horrors . It was fun if it was related to adults that played with adult toys ( cars , trucks and motorbikes etc) Risk that most girls wouldn’t take
    If you don’t like it because its gender specific, get over it and get a rainbow serpent and make your own fun lingo
    Just because someone likes it you don’t have to think it’s creating a massive change in social acceptance or rejection , it’s not that funny to be important
    Does anyone remember when JJs brought out ‘ the stupid factories ‘. ‘ Little losers’?
    I bought as much as I could because they had to remove them
    I still have some in their wrappers
    Miss Wasted
    Mr Well Hung
    Mr Pimp
    It was stereotyping and politically in correct , But halarious Because they are ;-0
    They were not meant to upset anyone
    if it’s in a movie portraying a character of that era it’s acceptable , so is language that describes an era or a behaviour
    Collect as much as you can before it’s illegal to hang ugly scrotem s on towbars !

  7. Scott Dixon
    Scott Dixon says:

    Sadly it is because people like Peter Alexander cave in to the mentally retarded morons who complain about anything and everything and even more sadly are provided oxygen from a media who will do and say anything for sensationalism. From all the above comments it is very clear that they are in the minority and the rest of us the majority so why on earth are we all not standing firm on our beliefs.

  8. Jacquie
    Jacquie says:

    I have seriously had enough of this crap. I am a woman and when I hear this stuff I am embarrassed to be one. Honestly if it was not for men flirting there would be no relationships or children even born. If women don’t want to be noticed in the office etc.. stop dressing like you want to be. Its human nature for a male to appreciate a pretty female but what a slap in the face when they get chastised for it. The majority of men are good people so stop this rot once and for all. In fact there are a lot of bad women out there so lets start recognising that !!

  9. Shirley Blundell
    Shirley Blundell says:

    It is a shame that companies buckle under the pressure of so-called political correctness.
    The Australian landscape is changing because of the pressure from social justice warriors and leftist media. Australians are known for their good humoured banter which in general is aimed at seeing what you’re made of. If Australians aren’t taking the Mickey it’s often that they don’t feel that you’re worth their time.
    Hardships forged the Australian character and mateship was a treasured aspect of this. My mother was Italian and father Australian. They both taught us the Sticks and Stones chant which used to be common in the schools. Children were far more resilient, respectful and responsible. Limiting the freedom of speech is a slippery slope. If you want to know your oppressors look at who you can’t criticise.
    To be a truly democratic society we need Freedom of Speech.


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