Peter Georgiou: Banks can’t be let off


BANKING COMMISSION-WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?Today I pressed Finance Minister #MatthiasCormann on the current Royal CommissionWATCH what he said next!#OneTeam #OneGoal #OneNation #PeterGeorgiou #AusPol

Posted by Peter Georgiou – One Nation Senator for Western Australia on Thursday, March 22, 2018

Peter Georgiou pressed Finance Minister Matthias Cormann for answers on the current Banking Royal Commission. You won’t believe what he said next.

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  1. Elaine Herold
    Elaine Herold says:

    My brother had been activating a super fund…directors contribution… This was done correctly by the bank staff for approx. 3 years. However, just prior to his 75 birthday, that being the last year he could take advantage of this tax saving, the Banks staff member made a mistake and let it go through as Personal contribution, On pointing this out to the Bank, and speaking on many occasions with the Super section he has been told it is too late to rectify as the figures have already been furnished to Australia Tax. This error by the bank caused him to pay $5,250.00 in tax whereas he should have saved the tax. Can the bank be held accountable for their errors and the situation rectified?

  2. Caulfield Craig
    Caulfield Craig says:

    Direct questions from Senator Georgiou regarding big banks and criminal conduct

    Wibble wobble, wibble wobble, jelly on a plate responses from Senator Cormann

    No doubt given thousands of submissions to the banking Royal Commission an extra year or two is required

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