Petition: Request for Immediate Action Against the Digital ID Act 2023


To the Honourable President and Members of the Senate in Parliament assembled:

We, the undersigned citizens and residents of Australia, draw the attention of the Senate to the Digital ID Act 2023 introduced by the Labor Government. This legislation seeks to establish a framework for a permanent digital identity for every Australian, amalgamating sensitive personal details into a single digital system. It must be repealed.

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Process and Transparency: The process through which the Digital ID Act 2023 has been introduced and expedited is deeply concerning. The limited period for public submissions and the lack of comprehensive debate in Parliament diminish public engagement and oversight, essential for such impactful legislation.

Potential for Overreach and Misuse: The Act lacks precise limitations on the powers it grants, raising serious concerns about potential governmental and corporate overreach. The provision for a government agency to mandate digital ID for accessing certain services, under vaguely defined conditions, opens avenues for misuse and infringes on personal freedoms and privacy.

Privacy and Security Concerns: Centralising personal data within a digital ID system significantly increases the risk of cybersecurity threats, data breaches, and unauthorised surveillance. History has shown that the aggregation of personal information can lead to targeted misuse, both by state and non-state actors.

Implications for Civil Liberties: By potentially mandating digital ID for access to essential services, the bill threatens to undermine civil liberties, discriminate against those lacking digital literacy, and pave the way for an intrusive surveillance apparatus.

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Therefore, your petitioners request that the Senate take all necessary measures to repeal the legislation urgently.

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