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This is a light-hearted series that aims to entertain and answer some of the most common questions I've been asked over the years while bringing a whole new audience up to date with the issues of the day.

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    • Dark Lord Peter Dutton is a school bully. The Episode explains how he will get away with it.

      Dutton (beautifully intro'd in ep 1 btw) needs to be revealed for how dark he really is. Arresting children as young as 14 without warrent, without a paper trail, without legal representation. Not just kids of course, all of us. Perhaps he could have someone locked up (like a bully at school). In the corner. Bullying him. Pauline steps in to stop but is informed what Dark lord Dutton is doing is actually legal due to his bill that passed with labors backing (insert bill details) . Can reveal his ability to sneak into computers and add, remove and CHANGE details on your computer. etc etc. He needs to be revealed to the Australian population. What better way then Please Explain. Keep up the great work!

    • School Sports

      They are all dressed in school sports attire. There are multiple events. Barnaby is in charge of the crèche. Scomo’s event is the high jump (!) - well he thinks that’s what was meant when he heard he was was “for the high jump”. Katter has a lassoo and in absence of any bulls, has caught Adam and is riding on his back. The “old boys” are the time keepers and measurers such as little Johnny Howard and Paul Keeting incorrectly recording the results and handing ribbons to losers. Other connotations can be written into the story with a “sack” race and with two tied together in the “3 legged race”. Hopefully you see some merit in the idea. 😊

    • Please explain family violence legislation in Tasmania

    • Chips n Beer

      How about outshine Scomo and have Chips n Beer animated mockery?🤣🤣✊🏼✊🏼

    • Gender/Racial equality

      Equality of outcome. Gender/race quotas or ratios

    • Please explain "woke"

    • Please include one of the dopey and effeminate Steven Miles.

    • Need Vaccine V2

      According to the ABC, a fully vaxed person has contracted the new variant of the virus

    • magna carta :)

    • Jackie Lambie & Lydia "Lidiot" Thorpe hahaha please

      Jackie Lambie & Lydia "Lidiot" Thorpe hahaha please

    • The indoctrination of school children with socialism and communism

    • Behind the Scenes - More Tyranny from our Premiers! (idea from my partner Stephen Putt)

      Hello Pauline Can you please explain the self-indulgence and self- righteousness of polies and how many believe that laws and ethics don’t apply to them. I have an Idea for a cartoon! Scene. Set in a pseudo period of the Dark Ages. A huge {Over the top} feast is displayed in a great hall. The furniture {table} is supported on the backs of naked non-elected high profile public servants. Anastasia Palaszczuk and Mark McGowan sit on chairs that are also made from naked non-elected high profile public servants. Queen Palaszczuk, Mary 1st of England {Bloody Mary}, or in this case {Bloody Anna} invites Emperor McGowan {Caligula} over for dinner to boast about their personal extravagances, their cruelty and sadistic treatment of the peasants {us}, and their double standards. They laugh and make jokes about how they have kept the peasants locked down and have suppressed, destroyed their livelihoods, kept families separated so that they could not visit their loved ones and/or dying loved ones. They laugh about how they can fly around the world, appoint themselves in new jobs {Olympics} and do anything they want whilst the underlings cannot. They laugh about how easy it is to take Human Rights away from the underlings, including breaking and bending the current laws of the Commonwealth and mandating vaccines. Whilst Palaszczuk and McGowan absolutely gorge themselves, throw up, then gorge themselves again on the extravagant food offerings, the organised entertainment unfolds before them. Firstly, Dan Andrews bouncing around like a lunatic {that he is} dressed as a Court Jester talking absolute political garbage and trying to gain acceptance from Queen Bloody Anna and Emperor Caligula that he is also a very, very bad boy and shouldn’t be reckoned with. Secondly, Queen Bloody Anna, Emperor Caligula, Jester Andrews all watch on excitedly and dance and cheer on the table of festivities, as dozens of naked peasants, who are held securely in wooden stocks by their hands, feet and neck, are forcibly {raped by Human Rights definition} given a COVID injection by the new order Police and Army personnel. Saviour ‘Pauline of Arc’, leading her army of ‘One Nation’, finally arrives to save the day and free the people from oppressive tyranny.

    • Lower and Upper House

      What the roles of the House of Representatives and the Senate are. For example, I saw friends on fb quite angry that Craig Kelly didn't vote for a particular bill going through the Senate. I think as many of use become adversely affected by law, we become more interested in politics, and that's long overdue, so we need some training in the basics - I do!

    • Political jurisdiction

      what's covered by state, federal, even council.

    • Pollies doing backflips

      A cartoon of Pollies doing backflips (physical backflips) over previous promises

    • Please educate people on preferences, how to vote cards etc.

    • Class Action suppression.

      Have Schomo come to the front of the class and explain why his team want to stop class actions. Perhaps list some of the things they should be worried about like coercion, allowing States to run wild, big pharma etc. Opposition to his Bill in Parliament described it as unconstitutional and its' defenders as "polishing a turd". Have fun.

    • Lambie is right for a roasting.

      It would be great to point out the ridiculous number of Senators we get from Tasmania why we end up with dumbos like Lambie.

    • Please Explain Goverment loans and bonds

      I always wanted to understand how does our government take out a loan, whether from an international bank or otherwise. Also how do government bonds work.

    • I would like to hear Lambie in an episode where she can’t lie after being asked honest questions

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