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Senate Votes Down Directing Foreign Aid To Australians First

On Wednesday, the senate voted down One Nation’s motion to divert foreign aid to relief assistance for drought, fire and flood victims across Australia.

Politicians Vote Against Drought Proofing Australia

I’M SHOCKED – THE MAJOR PARTIES VOTED AGAINST SUPPORTING WATER PROJECTS TO DROUGHT PROOF AUSTRALIA. Today, I put forward a call for bipartisan support on building the greatest water project this country will see in our lifetime and droughtproof Australia. ONLY ONE NATION ELECTED SENATORS VOTED TO SUPPORT DROUGHT PROOFING AUSTRALIA. The elected members of […]

Suspend All Foreign Aid and Focus on Fire and Flood Victims In Australia First

I was asked to get up and witness first hand the flood devastation in Townsville today and let me just say, pictures do not tell the true story. The resilience of these people in North Queensland is simply remarkable, but they are being tested by state and federal governments who are making victims jump through […]