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Government Weak On Terrorist Action

In light of the most recent radical Islamic inspired terror attack in Australia, I asked the Government when will they stop migration from known extremists countries? Their response was possibly the weakest, most gutless answer you could ever imagine. If we cannot acknowledge the problem Australia has with radical Islamic terrorism then the problem can […]

Labor & Coalition Open Floodgates to Foreign Workers on Visa Schemes

As an Australian nationalist, I make no apologies for being strong on jobs for Australians first, and that definitely includes apprenticeships. Labor and the Coalition, on the other hand, have quite literally opened the floodgates to foreign workers on visa schemes that have sold out the unemployed and the under-unemployed right across this country. ACTU […]

Pauline Lays Out Indigenous Policy, Racist?

Former NT Chief Minister Adam Giles asked Pauline Hanson “What is her policy and views on indigenous Australians”. You be the judge if her views are racist.