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PNG Doubles Down On Luxury Car Foreign Aid Shopping Spree

PNG GOVERNMENT ADDS 3 BENTLEYS TO THE 40 MASERATIS If it wasn’t bad enough that the PNG Government bought 40 Maserati’s for the upcoming APEC Summit, they’ve been caught out buying an additional 3 Bentleys for the 7-day event. It’s also been revealed that Australia has given the PNG Government an additional $130 million dollars […]

Legalise Vaping – Stop Using Smokers as a Cash Cow

Peter Georgiou – One Nation Senator for Western Australia, delivered a speech on the floor of Parliament supporting the legalisation of vaping to help smokers quit and slammed the Government using smokers as a never-ending cash cow. From 2001 until now, the number of Australians who smoke has fallen from 20% to 12.8%. Yet in […]

Major Parties Call For Immigration Cut – Where Have We Heard That Before?

It seems One Nation’s message is really taking hold and everyone one in Australia is waking up to the fact that immigration rates are too high. NSW premier finally realised what One Nation has been saying for years is correct and called for big cuts, the NSW opposition leader followed in her footsteps and called […]