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Why Australia Day must stay – Pauline Hanson

This is my opinion piece published in the Courier Mail on why I think January 26 needs to remain Australia Day and why I think it would be a terrible mistake to create a separate national day for indigenous Australians alone. Please have a read and let me know what you think. Do you agree Australia day […]

Policeman remains in coma on police remembrance day

Today a young police officer is in a critical condition, fighting for his life after allegedly being run down by a 16 year old, serial car thief. Infuriatingly, the alleged driver had just been allowed to walk free from court. Today is also police remembrance day, a day to reflect and honour the deeds of […]

“It’s okay to be white” motion suspiciously delayed

Senator Hanson was due to move a motion in the Senate on Thursday but was suspiciously delayed. The motion called on the Senate to address anti-white racism and acknowledge that it is okay to be white. Time and time again we’ve seen videos of people displaying the slogan, “it’s okay to be white,” attacked for […]