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“Pull Out of UN Paris Agreement Now” – Pauline Hanson

Is there a single person here who didn’t think it was a bad idea to sign up to the Paris Agreement? I’ve visited a number of small business and charities recently and their monthly power bills are horrific. Knocking down coal fired power stations and subsidising unreliable wind and solar, just to satisfy an agreement […]

Labor Begs Dastyari to Come Back

From The Daily Telegraph. Sam Dastyari should return to politics, says NSW Labor general secretary Kaila Murnain. By Kylar Loussikian. NSW state Labor secretary Kaila Murnain has begged disgraced former senator Sam Dastyari to return to the political frontline. Mr Dastyari was seen as a rising ALP star before a scandal over his links to Chinese […]

One Nation Supporters Create National Media Mania

Thanks to your membership and kind donations to the party, we’ve been able to light a little fire under Labor by rebuking their lies with some straight, honest phone calls from former Labor leader, Mark Latham. The phone calls cost us a few dollars to put out across Longman, but thanks to the media, the […]