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$320 Million Rorted for Foreign Scholarships

***SCHOLARSHIP SCANDAL UPDATE*** The Government has been forced to correct the record. Foreign Minister Julie Bishop has confirmed Australia is spending $320 million a year on 4,000 scholarships for international students not, as it previously claimed, 10,000 African students. ***** I don’t know about you, but it makes my blood boil when I discover the […]

Rioters get $30 million Payday from Taxpayer

A few of you have raised with my office the $30 million dollar compensation package offered by the Labor Government to the Aboriginal people on Palm Island for the way police responded to a riot after a death in custody. The Labor Party have chosen to give the 447 residents of Palm Island an equal […]

Farmers Thrown Under The Bus, Again – Vegetation Management Legislation

By forcing through flawed vegetation management laws Labor continues to demonise and attack farmers by treating them like criminals and today I had the honor of joining an army of fed up farmers demanding this ends so they start to get a fair go! By attacking farmers Labor has shown it doesn’t care about primary […]