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Pauline’s Secret Mission: Afghanistan

We’re thankful to hear Pauline is on board a return flight from Afghanistan after spending 8 days on the ground with our Australian troops. While the Government of the day have the unilateral power to send our troops to war, all elected Members of Parliament have a responsibility to know what we’re sending our soldiers […]

Dreadful Peter Beattie Closing Ceremony Slammed

If you missed the closing ceremony or turned it off because they couldn’t be bothered showing the athletes, you’re not alone. JUST DREADFUL!!!! and just have a listen to the way the Channel 7 commentators summed it up. I said it earlier today and I’ll say it again. Peter Beattie, you couldn’t organise a fire […]

WA Teacher Thrown Under Bus: Classes out of control?

WA Senator Peter Georgiou has condemned the seemingly cruel, harsh and insensitive treatment of a long serving Perth teacher who he claims was “simply thrown under the bus” after she was victimised by a problem student at a South-Eastern suburbs school. “I have been dealing with Karen for over 6 months and how she has […]