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Foreign Owned Multinationals Policy Announcement

Did you know there are over 700 foreign-owned multinationals operating in Australia that pay little to no tax? One Nation has a plan to make these companies pay their fair share and start contributing to Australia so that we can build much-needed infrastructure such as schools, roads and hospitals, and start to wind back our […]

Family Law Review Silences Victims

As you are all aware, One Nation successfully lobbied the Turnbull Government to conduct a review of the Family Law System. Reading the Terms of Reference and seeking clarification on when the public can make their submissions, I discovered an alarming note that any correspondence with the Australian Law Reform Commission will be subject to […]

Ice Epidemic Breaking Families

Steve Dickson took the time to hear the Jennine’s heartbreaking story; living through a family member succumbing to the drug. What do you think? Should laws change to enable parents to force their child into rehabilitation or recovery centres even if the child is over 18 years of age and (under current laws) no longer […]