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Nauru Gets 1 Doctor per 8 People, Small Australian Towns Get None

Pauline Hanson says couch potatoes should help flood and drought affected farmers SMALL TOWNS ARE IN NEED OF DOCTORS, YET OUR GOVERNMENT HAVE GIVEN 1 DOCTOR FOR EVERY 8 ILLEGAL, ECONOMIC MIGRANTThe priorities of the two major parties in this country is all wrong.Here I am in small rural Australian towns where they struggle to […]

Pauline ditches Canberra for flood affected farmers

Pauline Hanson visits flood affected Cloncurry & Julia Creek The heartbreaking sight of cattle lying dead in paddocks off the back of floods in Western Queensland is just indescribable.I've just been through a briefing with the Mayor of Cloncurry and I'm confident the army, council, volunteers, businesses and federal government are doing a great job. […]

Intruder dies in home invasion – Why you should be able to protect yourself in your own home

You should be able to protect yourself in your own home One Nation has zero sympathy for anyone who breaks into someone’s home during the middle of the night and ends up dead. The thought that a family man could be charged for the death of a home invader must be gut-wrenching. Do you think […]