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Pauline Calls for Banking Royal Commission to be Extended

From the Courier Mail Pauline Hanson asks PM Malcolm Turnbull to extend banking royal commission RENEE VIELLARIS PAULINE Hanson has written to Malcolm Turnbull to call for the banking royal commission to be extended and widened, warning too many victims are not being heard. The One Nation leader has joined a growing chorus of critics, arguing […]

Shifty Shorten Sends Battler Jobs Overseas

Bill Shorten has been saying Labor will protect Australian jobs during this by-election. The sad TRUTH is, Bill Shorten gave away more than 68,000 Australian jobs to foreigners when he was Workplace Minister under the Gillard Government. It’s time Bill Shorten’s lies were exposed.

Steve Dickson Slams 1 Million Immigrant Influx

ZERO NET IMMIGRATION The government is funding its budget by banking on Australia taking in millions immigrants. It’s nothing but a Ponzi scheme that will all come falling down if we don’t stop it. Our roads are failing, our cities are choking, our farmers face droughts and are struggling to supply the country with food […]