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Major Parties snuggle up to Chinese Communist Party Donor

Will Scott Morrison now place LABOR LAST on their how-to-vote cards after Labor’s close connection to the Chinese Communist Party associated donor, Huang Xiangmo? Why would the Liberals want Labor to have their preferences in the first place?

Pauline Hanson’s Election promise

With an election now called for May 18, Pauline Hanson is suggesting voters take out insurance by voting for One Nation, the only party promising to hold the major parties to account. Senator Hanson said, “This country has been crying out for a solution to drought and I have given my commitment to the people […]

One Nation to run Candidates in Every State

YOU CAN VOTE FOR ONE NATION IN EVERY STATE OF AUSTRALIA Pauline is back on deck after the surgery and just in time for the election that’s been called. There’s never been a more important time for us to have a say in our country’s future than now. Do you want the same old rubbish […]