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One Nation Announces Timely Payments Policy

Today we’ve launched our new ‘Timely Payment’ policy. With more than 2 million small businesses across the country, employing the bulk of Australians, cash flow is critical. One Nation believe any business should not have to wait any longer than 30 days from the end of month to receive payment for work they’ve carried out. […]

Pauline Says “Stuff the Government” On Their Calls To Cut Power Use

Blackouts have hit Victoria and warnings have been issued for other states because of a lack of base load power across Australia. WHY? Because our state and federal governments refuse to build coal fired power stations! We aren’t even at 28% renewable energy levels and yet our electricity grid is failing on hot and cold […]

Beef Kicked Out For Solar Farms

As you’re all aware, I’ve called for a Senate Inquiry into solar panels here in Australia. You can read the press release I put up this morning. I’ve been out inspecting what will be the largest solar installation in the world, established by what appears to be the Chinese Government and approved on prime agricultural […]