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Malcolm Roberts Slams MDBA for Murray Darling Fish Deaths

In the past few months there have been two algal bloom events in the Darling River near Menindee which has killed hundreds of thousands if not millions of fish. It is devastating. A real environmental disaster.  The first event was triggered by a storm and this week a cold front which kills plants that decompose […]

#AusExit – One Nation says pull out of Paris Accord & UN

The United Nations is a con. They’ve come to the conclusion that Australia and similar countries need to contribute to a fund to the tune of $100 Billion per year to support their crusade against climate change. What a joke! It’s time to STOP taking money out of Australia and START putting it towards Australians. […]

Pauline Hanson Calls to Exterminate Cane Toads

Last week I wrote to the Prime Minister suggesting a cane toad cull with the help of the public. There are over 200 million of these vermin cane toads across the country. Since their misguided introduction to deal with cane beetle in the North Queensland town of Gordonvale in 1935, cane toad numbers have exploded […]