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State of Politics a National Disgrace

As Australia approaches its 7th Prime Minister in 11 years, many Australians are wondering when we’ll get a Government that simply gets on with the job of running the country. Despite the distractions, One Nation kept busy for everyday Australians keeping the Government to account and continuing to push for lower immigration, an extension to […]

Population Blow Out

Australia’s population increased by 3.5 million people in the decade 2006 to 2016. Around 60% of that population increase came from immigration. There is no doubt that legal immigration is the cause of Australia’s exceptional population growth. If we continue to allow annual immigration targets to determine the size of our population, then the Australian […]

Saving Australia with Zero Net Immigration

One Nation is the only party planning for Australia’s future. Where the two major parties want to bring in 230,000+ immigrants per year—stealing Australian jobs and putting a strain on infrastructure—One Nation wants to introduce a zero net immigration plan. This plan will alleviate our already strained infrastructure and allow us the time to catch […]