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Why a Cap on Government Debt is Needed

This week, Pauline Hanson tabled a bill in parliament to bring back Australia’s debt ceiling so this parliament can start getting serious about economic management and budget repair. Spending and borrowing are already out of control under the Coalition and we shudder to think what could happen under a Government run by Labor and the […]

Labor Rolls out Robo Lies, One Nation Passes Tax Cuts for Workers

One Nation this week supported WORKERS receiving personal income Tax Cuts, standing by the decision to NOT give companies with a turnover greater than $50 million any further tax cuts. You’ve heard it from the horses mouth! That means more money back in your pocket. This week, Labor used robo calls to lie to households […]

Majority Want Immigration Cut

In news that’s unlikely to surprise anyone, a recent poll has found that the majority of Australians believe current immigration levels are too high. Neither tired, old party has the guts to cut our immigration levels. Both parties are sheepishly relying on increasing immigration to find their budgets. See Pauline’s thoughts on those immigration predictions […]