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Family Law in One Nation’s sights

Malcolm Roberts, Steve Dickson, Leith Erikson from 21 Fathers and Esta went live for an in depth discussion on Family Law Review and the child support system. Watch the video to see what they had to say and where One Nation is up to in its fight for change.

Pauline Grills APRA Over ‘Bail Ins’

I had the opportunity to question APRA about allegations around the behaviour of banks and the steps APRA may or may not have taken to investigate these allegations. I also asked about concerns many of you have raised around the financial sector legislation amendment crisis resolution powers that were rushed through parliament without a proper […]

Inner City Bureaucrats Killing Farmers

Here are the facts why mulga must be cleared to protect the environment. Leave Queensland farmers manage the environment – they’ve been doing it successfully for centuries. The Labor & Greens alliance must be stopped! One Nation will restore farmers property rights and cut red tape across all states of Australia.