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Labor Loves The Greens – A Valentine’s Day Speech

Labor and the Greens are now one and the same. Labor will bow to politically correct Green’s agenda so they can snuggle up together in inner-city Melbourne seats like Batman. Labor still claims to be the champions of the worker while they shut down mines putting miners out of jobs, sell out employees for their high up union […]

Government Refuses to Show How Big End Of Town Tax Cuts Help

I explain to Andrew Bolt why One Nation senators and I don’t believe in supporting the further tax cuts to the big end of town companies, with turn overs of $50 million or more. Just a quick side note. At one point I said we need to raise payroll tax when I actually believe we […]

Labor Hyprocrisy On Show Again

So much for Labor having NO dual citizens in the parliament. Labor’s David Feeney resigned admitting to having dual citizenship. It’s time Labor MP Susan Lamb resigns from Longman for having dual citizenship also.