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It’s Our Moral Duty to Redirect the Foreign Aid Budget

Australia spends around $4 billion a year on foreign aid. While activists like the greens say that Australian taxes are well spent overseas, the reality is Australians deserve this assistance first. Supporters of foreign aid say that it is money that is better spent in poorer countries compared to being spent in Australia. However, voters […]

Government budget doubles foreign workers, increases immigration

GOVERNMENT PLAN TO DOUBLE FOREIGN WORKER NUMBERS. Both the Government and Labor have delivered their budget reply speeches this week. One Nation was shocked to see the Government commit to doubling the number of foreign workers allowed into Australia from Indonesia under the Free Trade Agreement, as well lift the cap of 2000 Pacific Island […]

One Nation Makes a Stand for Free Speech

While Pauline was unable to be in the Senate in person, Peter Georgiou allowed her to be there in spirit. One Nation will always stand up for free speech and One Nation’s Senator for Western Australia, Peter Georgiou, did a great job speaking on her behalf. One Nation refused to be a part of this […]