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Pauline Pushes to Ban Burqa

More and more countries across the globe are banning the burqa, including muslim nations. When parliament returns after the winter break, I’ll be pushing forward with legislation to have our federal parliament ban the burqa also. In the past week, the Dutch have finally passed laws banning the burqa which will build greater social cohession, […]

Company Tax Cuts Dead until Multinationals Pay Fair Share

One Nation has definitively answered no on their support for Company tax cuts for companies earning over $50 million a year. One Nation previously delivered relief in the form of tax cuts for small and medium businesses up to $50 million a year. The government must force multinational companies to pay their fair share of […]

Pauline Proposes People’s Vote on Immigration

The Australian people have never been consulted on the issue of Australia’s run away rates of immigration. It time for that to change. The Government should get out of the way and let the people have their say! Is the government too scared of political correctness to put it to the people? Especially since the […]