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One Nation Victoria Registration On Track

In a great success for the party, One Nation Victoria successfully lodged its application for registration for State Politics. The Victorian Electoral Commission will now survey One Nation members in the State for confirmation. The party’s application will then be advertised and any objections to the application responded to before registration is complete. Pauline Hanson’s […]

Suddenly not Racist: Talking about Immigration

Monday night on 4 Corners, the ABC discussed immigration. It seems it’s ok now days to discuss this topic even though I’ve been hailed down as racist for the past 21 years for doing the same thing. I’ve been calling for an open and adult conversation about who we let into our country and how […]

Loony Greens set their Sights on Cars & Whipper Snippers

Pauline woke up a few hours behind in Western Australia to what felt like a bad dream! Labor want to cut pensioners incomes and the Greens want to take all fuel powered cars off the road in 12 years for electric only. These people clearly have no bloody idea! What do you think of their […]