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Bill Shorten pledges $500 million to UN and confirms Labor will increase refugee intake

This is just a friendly reminder Australia. While your friends and loved ones are battling bushfires, floods and drought – the out of touch Labor party are gifting your money to foreign aid and promising to double Australia’s refugee intake.

We Support Mortgage Brokers, Not Banks

Commissioner Kenneth Hayne’s recommendations in his final report into misconduct in the banking industry has immediately jeopardised the survival of more than 17,000 small businesses across Australia. That’s the number of mortgage brokers providing loans to mums and dads, who rely on upfront and trailing commissions paid by the lender to survive. Take those commissions […]

Subbies Paid On Time – ‘Timely Payments’ Policy Announced

This week One Nation launched our new ‘Timely Payment’ policy. With more than 2 million small businesses across the country, employing the bulk of Australians, cash flow is critical. One Nation believe any business should not have to wait any longer than 30 days from the end of month to receive payment for work they’ve […]