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Pauline Hanson Exposes Government Trying To Hide Its Dirty Free Trade Deal

n Wednesday Pauline Hanson forced the Government to explain why it ignored the requirement to consult with the Senate in advance of signing the Trans-Pacific Partnership or TPP-11 on the 8th of March 2018. Despite what the Government wants you to think the facts are not in dispute. The government did not table the TPP-11, […]

One Nation Wins: Migrants Must Wait For Welfare

The Coalition may be in chaos but that hasn’t stopped One Nation from getting more runs on the board. This week Labor finally agreed to support legislation to increase waiting times for new migrants to become eligible for welfare. Why is this a win for One Nation? Because the Labor party publicity admitted that it […]

Missionary’s Killing Shows Hypocrisy of Green Immigration Policy

There has been an incredible story in the news recently about a remote tribe that has lived unchanged for over 30,000 years. The Sentinelese people are aggressive towards outsiders and it is illegal to attempt to contact them. Experts have explained that this is because any contact with the outside world would have a devastating […]