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Government Gives Another $2 Billion to PNG Instead of Australians

Over the weekend, the Australian Government pledged to join in on giving PNG $2 billion of your money. Don’t worry about the $550 billion (plus) of debt we owe or the hundreds of millions we already give to a notoriously corrupt PNG Government who buy Maserati’s and Bentleys. Australia, the US, Japan and New Zealand […]

Tasmania Goes Genderless – “Girl” & “Boy” Under Attack

The Tasmanian politicians have gone mad and your gender is at stake! By default, gender on birth certificates will now be blank in Tasmania. Labor seems to be all over the place with their policy these days. Will Bill Shorten oppose this ridiculousness? Unlikely. How about cutting immigration while you’re at it?

Peter Georgiou Slams Lack of WA MRI’s

Right now, there are more than 30-thousand people in Kalgoorlie-Boulder who have to travel to Perth by car, bus, train or plane in order to get an MRI scan. If you don’t already know, that’s a 600 kilometre journey-one way- just to get an MRI. The State LABOR Government had already set aside three million […]