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Wins for WA piling up under Senator Georgiou

In a whirlwind 3 weeks One Nation’s Senator for Western Australia Senator Peter Georgiou has seen hard work come to fruition on some issues close to his heart. $3 Million for Floreat Athena Football club #kidsinsport Senator Georgiou was successful in lobbying the Federal Government for $3 million in funding for the iconic Floreat Athena Football […]

Pauline Hanson Moves To Ban Burqa – Voted Down By Out Of Touch Politicians

On Thursday Pauline Hanson asked all Senators to acknowledge that the wearing of full-face coverings, such as burqas and niqabs, has no place in a modern western society. Senator Hanson asked the Senate to call on the Federal Government to ban burqas and niqabs in places where identification is necessary and security is an issue. One […]

One Nation to block asset sales to foreigners if elected

We are tired of our assets including railroads, energy, land and support facilities being under the control of foreigners. Like many other countries in the world, foreigners should not be allowed to own more than 49% of an asset. Governments have been selling out Australia for far too long.