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Alarm Bells Sound on China Debt

This week’s 60 Minutes program reiterated the concerns I’ve been putting forward about the Chinese influence across Australia and other Pacific Island nations. Let’s drop the ‘racist’ accusations and start looking at Chinese foreign influence and interference seriously. Watch the whole episode

GetUp! Greens Agenda Praises LNP Energy Plan

The LNP has just thrown Queensland’s mining sector under the bus and thrown its lot in with Labor, the Greens and GetUp. Promising to jump from the cheap, affordable power generation offered by coal fired power stations, LNP Leader Deb Frecklington has guaranteed that no Queenslanders will have cheap, reliable power with the major parties […]

Broken Bill Buys Off ABC

Are Bill Shorten and Labor buying off the ABC? The ABC used to be the prime source of unbiased news—delivering fair media to all Australians. But in recent times this has changed. The ABC is no longer unbiased, their sole focus now is on pushing left-wing ideologies. Bill Shorten has now come out stating he […]