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Government Plays Citizenship Catch Up

Yet again, the Government has had to play catch up to One Nation in their Citizenship policy. If they could use some common sense in assessing who we let into our country, Australia would be in a much better position. From February, Pauline’s proposed Stronger Citizenship Bill: Since 1996 Senator Pauline Hanson has been calling […]

Media Claims One Nation Dead but Membership Skyrockets

Despite mainstream media announcing the ‘death’ of One Nation, Senator for West Australia Peter Georgiou has announced the incredible growth figures for the party’s membership. In just 7 days One Nation has recorded an astonishing increase in total membership of 3.1%, equivalent to an overall annual increase of 480%. The increase shows that regardless of […]

One Nation Registers in Victoria

Party spokesman, Malcolm Roberts, has announced Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is officially registered for the upcoming Victorian election. “Our local Victorian members have been working hard on policies that are specific to their home state, and in due course those policies will be release,” Mr Roberts said. “Further we encourage Victorians to submit an expression […]