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People, Not Firearms, The Issue

After the tragic death of a family in the Margaret River after the grandfather took the lives of his wife, daughter and four grandkids, debate has come up again about our gun laws. Australia’s gun licensing laws are some of the toughest in the world and this tragedy should not be used by people to […]

PC Brigade To Change Name of Brisbane

A Labor Member in Queensland is happy to change the name of Brisbane to an Aboriginal name. Just last month we saw a push to change Gold Coast names to Aboriginal names also. When will this division end? With a federal election within the next 12 months, I’m really concerned no one from either major […]

Pauline Slams Budget Shortsight

I’ve provided a reply budget speech for the Australian public last night to consider. We have billions of dollars in missed royalties from our Commonwealth waters being given away that could fund pension increases, solve our homeless issue, reduce our national debt and cut taxes to all Australians. The problem is, the Liberal and Labor […]