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TRANSCRIPT: Pauline’s 2GB Interview, Family Law 12/12/18

Original Interview: https://www.2gb.com/pauline-hanson-taking-up-the-case-no-one-else-will-touch-family-law-court-reform/ Interactive Transcript: https://www.rev.com/transcript-editor/shared/abVCdgq6cIBo7GIzPgvPl2D31Ek2wwZxvPSJPypmNvL7Kedt8Z-87VTWiASy1NvNnMjoY8_UL1S0KGM3EE2FZjEiO2A   Chris:                                         If there’s one issue guaranteed to generate emotion and anger, it’s the family law system. Mention it on air and you’re inundated on both sides. And, because of the emotion, and because children are often involved, it is very difficult to separate fact from fiction. Earlier this year, in […]

One Nation Calls for Royal Commission into Family Law

Pauline Hanson has asked the Senate to acknowledge that discriminatory aspects of the Family Law system contribute to the increase in male suicide rates over Christmas. The system acts to separate children from parents and grandparents at Christmas, contributing to this increase.

Senate Sells Out Australia for People Smugglers

I’m sorry to have to tell you but yesterday the Senate sold you out. Thanks to the Greens, Derryn Hinch, Centre Alliance (Xenophon), Tim Storer and Labor a bill was passed that will, weaken our border security and open the flood gates to illegal boat people again. And disgustingly they tried to team up, shut […]