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One Nation Asks Government to Cancel Terrorist’s Citizenship

Pauline Hanson asked the Government three pretty common sense questions. 1. The government has announced it wants to make it easier to strip dual citizens, convicted of terrorism related offences, of their Australian Citizenship and have them deported, so long as this would not render them stateless. One Nation has been advocating this policy for […]

One Nation MP Fights Fires on the Frontline

This week Queensland suffered its worst fire danger rating in its history. Over 100 fires continue to burn across the state with temperatures reaching over 40 degrees, whipped up by dry westerly winds. Stephen Andrew, One Nation MP for Mirani, was on the frontlines of the fire in his electorate. Thousands of people have left […]

Forecast: Renewable Energy to Cause Summer Blackouts

At a time when power outages are being forecasted due to insufficient dispatchable power in some states this summer, the NSW Liddell Power Station is set for closure by 2022. I’m sorry, but renewable energy doesn’t supply our nation with the necessary power requirements and until it does, I’m sticking with coal-fired power stations. I’ve […]